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India 2018

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Trip review
Oregon’s Scenic Highways and the Bits Between

A Brit, a Texan and a New Yorker discover the beauties of Oregon Coast, Crater Lake, Three Sisters Wilderness, Mount Hood and a few other places on the way. What an adventure!

5 lessons I’ve learned from solo travel

If you ever wondered what it's like to travel solo, here are some lessons and bits of advice from Emma.

10 Ideas For A Mother-Daughter Trip

Want to travel with your mum or daughter (or both!) but don’t know where to go? Here are 10 ideas to kick-start the discussion.

Why you need some mother-and-daughter travel in your life

On a recent trip to Rome, Emma enjoyed the comfort and fun of travelling with her female family clan and she is telling us why we all should do it too and how to make it happen.

Working on the road: what we can learn from digital nomads

Are you thinking about becoming a digital nomad and start working while you are travelling the world? Digital nomad Emma tells us what lessons need to be learned if you want to hold a conference call from a hut in Thailand or deliver a project from Chile.

How To Deal With Difficult Travellers

What can you do about the "does not play well with others" kind of person that's in your group? Do you avoid them? Confront them? Manage them? Here are tips gathered from the Thelma & Louise Club members

Trip review
My Unexpected Volunteer Trip to Greece

Gypsy Raven tells us how she felt the urge to go to Greece and volunteer to help the Syrian refugees arriving in Greece. An incredibly humbling experience of helping people that have lost everything.

Why We Will Always Love Europe

We are showing our love for Europe (and the world) from a post-Brexit Britain. Where in Europe, including the UK, is special to you?

5 things I’ve learned from travelling with my best friends

Emma has travelled extensively with her best friends and she navigated her way through various destinations she learned some good lessons from the joys of travelling with a best friend.

7 Travel Gadgets I'd Love to Try This Summer

Gadget queen Ana has put together a list of her favourite 7 travel gadgets that she would like to try this summer. Think of it as the Desert Island Gadgets that describe her way of travellig.