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Christmas in the sun

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Inspirational women
Inspiring women travellers: Caroline Harris, the travel planner

Caroline tells us all about her life in travel, finding her perfect travel buddies with Thelma & Louise, and why thorough planning is key to a no-regrets trip.

Inspirational women
Inspiring women travellers: Lara's packing tips for conquering Everest Base Camp

Lara, one of our inspirational women travellers, trekked to Everest Base Camp in November 2016. These are the things she wishes she’d taken with her

Inspirational women
Inspiring women travellers: Lara Levi, the volunteer nomad

Lara tells us why travelling to Asia to volunteer and trek to Everest Base Camp was one of the best decisions she’s ever made, and what she learned from the older women travellers she met there.

Trip review
Raven's caravan ramblings through Rajasthan

When Gypsy Raven suggested a 17 days trip through Rajasthan, 4 Americans, 4 Brits, 1 Irish & 1 Aussie who met on the site decided to join in. This is their story!

Inspirational women
Inspiring women travellers: Elaine Wilson

When Elaine got in touch to tell us she had quit her steady job to become a travel blogger in her 40s, we were intrigued. It’s a bold and inspiring move. This is her story.

7 more questions to ask your new travel buddy

Following the feedback from our first list of 20 questions to ask your new travel buddy, here are 7 more!

How to find the perfect travel buddy on Thelma & Louise Club

Thelma & Louise has been connecting women who want to travel for over 10 years and here is a quide on how to use the site and find the perfect travel buddy for you.

8 ways to avoid the single supplement

Until hoteliers, tour operators and cruise ships wise up and start taking advantage of the growing market of solo travellers, there are a few ways you can avoid or at least reduce the single supplement.

What's the deal with the single supplement?

Following the strong reaction of the Thelma & Louise members against single supplements, we've asked Emma to look into what's the deal with the dreaded "pentaly" of travelling solo. Here is what she found out.

Trip review
A Northern California Journey of Renewal

A solo trip to Northern California gave Ms. Career Girl time to reflect after her mother passed away.