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Sri Lanka

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Inspirational women
Facebook Live chat #5 with Elspeth Beard and Nora from Adventurism, two women motorcycling around the world

Elspeth Beard, the first British woman to motorcycle solo around the world, in conversation with Nora Nijkamp about their motorcycling adventures

Facebook Live chat #4: What it’s like to run 30 marathons in 30 countries – by the age of 30

Super ambitious – but definitely not competitive – marathon runner Liz Warner joined us to tell us about her campaign to run 30 marathons in 30 countries before she turns 30.

Facebook Live chat #3: An empty-nester’s tales of South America

Empty nester, yoga teacher and Thelma & Louise Club member Susie O’Kelly joined us to tell us about her ‘now or never’ travels in Argentina and Chile.

Facebook Live chat #2: How solo travel helped prepare us for lockdown

For our second Facebook Live chat, travel writer, columnist and expert solo traveller Kate Wills joined us to explore how our solo travelling experiences have inadvertently helped prepare us for life in lockdown.

Facebook Live chat #1: How our lives in travel have changed since coronavirus

Sailing, hanami and the women haunting the streets of London: just some of the topics we covered in the first Thelma & Louise Facebook Live travel chat!

Join us for weekly LIVE CHATS on FACEBOOK

Our new weekly Facebook Live session will bring the travel and travel buddies to you.

Captain Holly’s scariest encounter on the seas…

This is an excerpt from Captain Holly’s interview about her sailing life.

Inspirational women
Inspirational Women Travellers: Captain Holly Scott

Meet Captain Holly Scott. With her daughter Katie, also a licensed Captain, Holly runs Mahalo Sailing, which specialises in group sailing adventures and private charters around the world. from Tahiti to Ireland to Mexico.

Inspirational women
How our members are weathering the corona-storm so far

Here are 10 first-hand accounts of what are our fellow travel buddies are doing and feeling around the world.

Travel and friendship stand together

Let's come together to lift our spirits and keep the travel dream going. Armchair travel is alive and kicking!