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Las Vegas 2017

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5 things I’ve learned from travelling with my best friends

Emma has travelled extensively with her best friends and she navigated her way through various destinations she learned some good lessons from the joys of travelling with a best friend.

7 Travel Gadgets I'd Love to Try This Summer

Gadget queen Ana has put together a list of her favourite 7 travel gadgets that she would like to try this summer. Think of it as the Desert Island Gadgets that describe her way of travellig.

12 Ways To Connect With The Locals On Your Travels

Because visiting a place is enhanced by meeting locals, here are some ideas from Ana on how you can better connect with locals on your travels and some trip ideas to get you started.

12 Things I Learned While Everybody Else Was Getting Married and I Was Travelling

The last of her friends to get married, Ana used every opportunity to travel. Here are the things she learned, the things that changed her perspective of life and shaped who she is now.

Trip review
6 Travel Buddies on a Volunteer Vacation to India

6 ladies from Australia, Portugal, US and UK visit Rajasthan to do volunteer teaching and health promotion in a remote village school where the children were the first generation in their families to attend school.

3 life lessons from Thelma & Louise

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our favourite movie, Emma is looking at the life lessons we've learned from our heroes.

Trip review
Update from teaching in Hanoi and a trip to Mai Chau

Louise is taking a short trip to Mai Chau in Vietnam and give us an update on her teaching in Hanoi.

5 of the most annoying traveller types

Who you’re with can make or break a trip. Everyone knows that. Here are 5 more-irritating-than-a-sand-fly traveller types Emma has had the misfortune to meet.

5 ways Thelma & Louise was truly groundbreaking

As the 25th anniversary of Thelma&Louise movie approaches, Emma looks at what made this movie so groundbreaking and why we love it so much. Inventing the selfie, busting stereotypes and not ending with a happy-ever-after are just a few points on the list.

Three things to do before you head to the airport

To help you prepare for your next trip, our friends at icloud put together a list of great tips for hassle free travel. The list contains advice on when to book your trip, how to get the best deals online as well as handy luggage hacks.