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Christmas in the sun

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Trip review
It can only be India – a shopping trip in a million

The wonderful adventures of 5 women who meet up in a hotel in Udaipur to go to the local market, but on the way there they join a wedding, give advice on dress and are stopped by a parade of camels, elephants and a brass band.

Trip review
Raven's caravan ramblings through Rajasthan

When Gypsy Raven suggested a 17 days trip through Rajasthan, 4 Americans, 4 Brits, 1 Irish & 1 Aussie who met on the site decided to join in. This is their story!

Trip review
A Northern California Journey of Renewal

A solo trip to Northern California gave Ms. Career Girl time to reflect after her mother passed away.

Trip review
Volunteering in Swaziland

Here's what happened when Jill went to Swaziland to see how rugby coaching is helping raise awareness of HIV, with Volunteer Vacations.

Trip review
Oregon’s Scenic Highways and the Bits Between

A Brit, a Texan and a New Yorker discover the beauties of Oregon Coast, Crater Lake, Three Sisters Wilderness, Mount Hood and a few other places on the way. What an adventure!

Trip review
My Unexpected Volunteer Trip to Greece

Gypsy Raven tells us how she felt the urge to go to Greece and volunteer to help the Syrian refugees arriving in Greece. An incredibly humbling experience of helping people that have lost everything.

Trip review
6 Travel Buddies on a Volunteer Vacation to India

6 ladies from Australia, Portugal, US and UK visit Rajasthan to do volunteer teaching and health promotion in a remote village school where the children were the first generation in their families to attend school.

Trip review
Update from teaching in Hanoi and a trip to Mai Chau

Louise is taking a short trip to Mai Chau in Vietnam and give us an update on her teaching in Hanoi.

Trip review
On safari in Sabi Sands, Kruger National Park

From spotting hippos yawn, leopards climb a tree, to lion cubs being taught to hunt and elephants trumpet, Emma makes a splash in the Kruger Reserve in South Africa.