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Sri Lanka

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5 new ways to adventure in 2021

with 5 new ways to have an adventure that won’t play havoc with your stress levels or your savings.

Trip review
Fantastic Floripa! Brazil’s Magical Island

Ana Claudia shares some of the real gems to be found in her home city of Floripa. Beautiful sub-tropical islands with gorgeous beaches, sun and surf for all tastes. She thinks its Brazil at its best!

Trip review
Island hopping in the Caribbean - how not to honeymoon! (Part I)

Some times things don’t go exactly to plan. This Thelma tell us about her honeymoon travels …

Trip review
Northern Cyprus

“Want some sunshine but no crowds, plenty of history; outside the expensive Eurozone, but not too far too fly?” Louise, our co-founder, tells us more.

Trip review
Kefalonia Dreamin’

Kefalonia is described locally as “The Island of Dreams”. Louise, our co-founder, tells us her story about the healing properties of the Island.

Trip review
Barbados - you don’t have to be a millionaire!

Louise, our co-founder, tells us that Barbados is truly a paradise but there is much more to it than just the Platinum coast Billionaire’s Playground.