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Sri Lanka

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Trip review
Walking with bears in Yukon

Margot travelled for 3 weeks in the Yukon, a beautiful, but remote part of Canada. she tells us how important it is to listen to the locals' advice, plan in advance, face challenges calmly, be kind to other travellers, and respect the environment & bears.

Trip review
A Northern California Journey of Renewal

A solo trip to Northern California gave Ms. Career Girl time to reflect after her mother passed away.

Trip review
Oregon’s Scenic Highways and the Bits Between

A Brit, a Texan and a New Yorker discover the beauties of Oregon Coast, Crater Lake, Three Sisters Wilderness, Mount Hood and a few other places on the way. What an adventure!

Trip review
Know before you go: Sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Emma is taking us sea kayaking in Mexico with mind blowing sea and mountain views, a whopping array of wildlife, good exercise and an unparalleled access to white-sand coves.

Trip review
Philadelphia and Nova Scotia road trip! Part III – The Cabot Trail

Lisa’s final chapter on her North American road trip takes us to the famous Cabot Trail. Wonderful walks, beautiful scenery and some interesting characters along the way make this a fascinating read.

Trip review
Philadelphia and Nova Scotia Road Trip! Part II - Whale watching

Lisa and Elaine head off to Canada for the next leg of their great North American road trip starting in Halifax.

Trip review
Helpful tips on transport in India

Vicky realised there were quite a few things she wished she had learnt about getting around in India before she arrived. Here she gives us some helpful tips about using public transport. She writes a fantastic blog at vickeblueyes.com

Trip review
Amazing Argentina

Louise has been buzzing ever since she came back from her trip to Argentina, insisting that it was a destination everyone just had to visit. It has everything – the best fine dining, culture, nature and architecture … and of course the Tango.

Trip review
What I love about Mongolia

Rensina shares some deeply personal thoughts about her love for Mongolia. She paints a breathtaking picture that is simply inspiring. This is a review to savour.