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Sri Lanka

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Facebook Live chat #3: An empty-nester’s tales of South America

Empty nester, yoga teacher and Thelma & Louise Club member Susie O’Kelly joined us to tell us about her ‘now or never’ travels in Argentina and Chile.

Tap in to your passion to find immersive travel experiences

If you only have one or two weeks of holiday, traveling with a learning-focus can lead to a richer, more meaningful experience says Gretchen. You could learn something about yourself, make new friends, or see a city in a brand new way.

Trip review
Why Recoleta is one of Buenos Aires's most-visited sites

A few months ago I read a blog about Recoleta by a travel blogger who loves visiting cemeteries so I've got in touch with her and asked her if she would like to share the story with us and here it is.

Trip review
Perfect Patagonia

Louise tells us about the next part of her trip to Argentine as she heads south to Patagonia to explore its glaciers and alpine hinterland. It seems a world away from Buenos Aires and just shows the richness of this wonderful country.

Trip review
Amazing Argentina

Louise has been buzzing ever since she came back from her trip to Argentina, insisting that it was a destination everyone just had to visit. It has everything – the best fine dining, culture, nature and architecture … and of course the Tango.