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Sri Lanka

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What can we expect from travel in 2021?

Clue: there's vaccinations, travel buddies and hope on the horizon. What are your plans to make the most of the coming year?

What to expect on a group tour of Mongolia – by a veteran overland traveller

Rensina, Thelma & Louise Club member and a veteran of road trips and travels in Mongolia, tells us exactly what to expect on a group overland tour of Mongolia, from dealing with breakdowns to making your travels there environmentally friendly.

Why I still love overland travel in my 60s

Australian Rensina van den Heuvel has been travelling overland since the late 1970s. It’s a way of travel she’s never fallen out of love with. Here she tells us why this rough and ready form of travel is always her first choice.

How the global pandemic has changed our friendships

The pandemic put our friendships to the test, it strengthen some, while others were strained. Here is what we have learned and how we can come together.

5 ways house sitting can help you travel the world

Our recent Facebook Live chat with Angela Laws of TrustedHousesitters thoroughly opened our eyes to the benefits of house and pet sitting as a way to travel.

5 unusual tours to get you under the skin of Venice, while avoiding the tourist crowds

How to avoid the crowds when you return to Venice after Coronavirus restrictions