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Sri Lanka

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Inspirational women
Inspirational women travellers: The unconventional life of Janine

Janine shares her remarkable story and her life in travel from serving in the South African army, living in a hippy commune, encounting deadly animals and a bus trip across Europe.

Inspirational women
Inspirational women travellers: Diony Lalieu, founder of Surfers Pledge, competitive surfer, mother and writer

How did a trip to Bhutan change Diony's life? She talks to us about her initiative to raise awareness of critical issues affecting our ocean, her love for travel, finding her purpose and taking risks.

Trip review
On safari in Sabi Sands, Kruger National Park

From spotting hippos yawn, leopards climb a tree, to lion cubs being taught to hunt and elephants trumpet, Emma makes a splash in the Kruger Reserve in South Africa.

Trip review
5 Great Spots to go for a Run

Bobbybee shares with us some of the places she likes to go running on her travels. Do you have a favourite?

Trip review
2 Days in Cape Town, South Africa

This Thelma gives us a 2 day itinerary of things to see and do at the “Fairest Cape of them all”. There’s no shortage of mountains, beach, winelands, people and culture.