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Welcome to Thelma & Louise

We are a travel club designed and run for women to help our members enrich and enable their lives through travel. Join us as we share, laugh and learn together. Thelma & Louise members come in different ages, interests, abilities and energies but what unites us is our belief that travel makes us better and happier people. Membership is free.

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Sri Lanka, India & Nepal

Sri Lanka, India & Nepal I am looking for a travel buddy or group of women to travel to Sri Lanka, India and Nepal with. There are several retreats I am looking into for Yoga.............. Image credit to The Yoga People on flickr

New Year in New York

New Year in New York Is it on your bucket list too to celebrate the new year in Times Square? The prices are not as scary as I thought. Join me. Image credit to Chris Amelung on flickr

Celebrating 40 - South East Asia Adventure

Celebrating 40 - South East Asia Adventure Looking to celebrate my 40th in SE Asia. Join me on this adventure. Exact dates and cites still being planned. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. Opened to up to 4 weeks of travel. Image credit to Jerome Yewdalll on flickr

North America Road trip

North America Road trip A once in a lifetime trip to North America visiting San Francisco, Grand Canyon, NYC ! Looking for one or more travel buddies Image credit to jphilipg on flickr

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Hot Topics

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    Machu Picchu new rules at entrance? Travel chat Going to machu picchu in 4 weeks' time. Came across an article that said new rules implemented in august 2014 regarding hiking poles and most import, bags. Anybody been lately, any advice appreciated.

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    A Thai Foot Massage - BEWARE!! Travel chat Two of us booked half hour sessions but our masseuses had very little English & we each ended up having over one hour (only £6). The first ten minutes were relaxing. Then the torture started...

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