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Sri Lanka

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Inspirational women
Solo travel after divorce: the trip that healed my heart and changed my life forever

Roadlesstraveled is telling us about her 1st visit to Peru after a horrible divorce and how she found the healing power, the wholeness and the wisdom to change her life.

Inspirational women
Inspirational women travellers: The unconventional life of Janine

Janine shares her remarkable story and her life in travel from serving in the South African army, living in a hippy commune, encounting deadly animals and a bus trip across Europe.

Where to pay your respects to the suffragettes

To celebrate 100 years since some women have gain the right to vote in the UK, Emma has put together a list of places we should visit to pay our respects to the suffragettes who have sacrificed so much to get us where we are today.

Inspirational women
Overlanding Africa and The Wings Project

Rensina reflects back on the past 4 months in Africa and tells us about her Wings Project, about connecting with women, about how these people live and the joy she discovered, the greater understanding of herself and where does she now fit in the world.

7 women travellers who are still on the road past their 60th birthdays

These women travellers are still travelling the world when most people their age are thinking about retirement. Aged 60+, they’re still finding new and fascinating things to see and do every single day.