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Las Vegas 2017

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Inspirational women
Take the pain out of travel planning, with the The Not So Rough Guide

Caroline's The Not So Rough Guide, an advice website who sorts out your itinerary for a dream break that combines adventure with time living like a local, exploring the landscape and its culture, then relaxing in a luxury hotel or spa.

Inspirational women
Inspiring women travellers: Caroline Harris, the travel planner

Caroline tells us all about her life in travel, finding her perfect travel buddies with Thelma & Louise, and why thorough planning is key to a no-regrets trip.

Inspirational women
Inspiring women travellers: Lara's packing tips for conquering Everest Base Camp

Lara, one of our inspirational women travellers, trekked to Everest Base Camp in November 2016. These are the things she wishes she’d taken with her

Inspirational women
Inspiring women travellers: Lara Levi, the volunteer nomad

Lara tells us why travelling to Asia to volunteer and trek to Everest Base Camp was one of the best decisions she’s ever made, and what she learned from the older women travellers she met there.

Inspirational women
Inspiring women travellers: Elaine Wilson

When Elaine got in touch to tell us she had quit her steady job to become a travel blogger in her 40s, we were intrigued. It’s a bold and inspiring move. This is her story.

More stories of women we met on the road

There are so many wonderful stories of women we met on our travels, special encounters with women from different cultures that made our journeys complete. Keep sharing!

Inspirational women
Travel Bunny, a touch of wanderlust and culinary curiosity

Meet Travel Bunny, a travel and food blogger who loves to discover destinations through their particular cuisine. She believes that food can not only tell us a lot about a destination but also its people and culture.

Inspirational women
Emma, from Holland to Singapore and from Brazil to Canada

Emma is one of the most adventurous overland travellers we've met so far. After travelling over land from Holland to Singapore she found the next big stretch of road and went off for one year travelling from Brazil to Canada.

Inspirational women
Lisa, our real life Indiana Jones

This week we talk to Lisa about finding the right travel buddy to share the journey with. She tells us about her fascinating adventures with Thelma & Louise companions through Uganda, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Dubai, Oman and The Gambia.