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Sri Lanka

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2 Questions, 90 Women, 1 Bad Year

1. If you'd known that you'd be isolated for so long, what would you have done differently? 2. Which destination or trip plan has kept you going through this year? Over 90 women aired their views, plans and hopes! Here's what they had to say.

One Year On

One year on and we are looking back at what this year meant to us, to our community, the importance of having something to look forward to and someone to share it with and what Emma and Ana are most proud of this year...

5 charities that help women gain access to education

If you want to do something to show your support for a Gender Equal World, but you’re not sure what, here’s a good place to start: find out more about 5 charities that help get more women into work.

Inspirational women
14 vanlife tips from two women in their 50s

Have you ever thought about renting a motorhome and touring around with your bestie? Here are 14 tips from Norah and Susie, aka 2TravellingAunties for your van adventure

Women’s travel guru Kelly Lewis: How to find your power through travel

If you even been told that you shouldn't or you can't, don't listen to those voices. Read Kelly Lewis top lesson on how travel helps us connect to our personal power.

18 Positive self-talk tactics that work

We’ve gathered this list of simple but effective ways to switch your mindset from members of the Thelma & Louise community and some of our favourite wise women. You’ve got this!

Inspirational women
5 ways you can adapt your travels as you grow older and wiser – lessons in positive thinking

Our recent Facebook Live chat with Barbara Weibel from Hole in the Donut Travels thoroughly opened our eyes to the silver-lining of going through a chronic illness and coming out the other side stronger and more positive than ever.

Inspirational women
Why I love India and keep going back, by a yoga teacher in her mid-60s

Linda Karl, a yoga instructor from the USA, has been to India 13 times since her early 50s – and she still adores the place in her 60s!