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Christmas in the sun

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Trip review
Trekking in Bhutan

South African surfer and eco-warrior Diony Lalieu tells us all about her trip to Bhutan, and how it led her to make some life-changing decisions.

Trip review
It can only be India – a shopping trip in a million

The wonderful adventures of 5 women who meet up in a hotel in Udaipur to go to the local market, but on the way there they join a wedding, give advice on dress and are stopped by a parade of camels, elephants and a brass band.

Inspirational women
Take the pain out of travel planning, with the The Not So Rough Guide

Caroline's The Not So Rough Guide, an advice website who sorts out your itinerary for a dream break that combines adventure with time living like a local, exploring the landscape and its culture, then relaxing in a luxury hotel or spa.

Trip review
Raven's caravan ramblings through Rajasthan

When Gypsy Raven suggested a 17 days trip through Rajasthan, 4 Americans, 4 Brits, 1 Irish & 1 Aussie who met on the site decided to join in. This is their story!

Trip review
Why Recoleta is one of Buenos Aires's most-visited sites

A few months ago I read a blog about Recoleta by a travel blogger who loves visiting cemeteries so I've got in touch with her and asked her if she would like to share the story with us and here it is.

Trip review
Philadelphia and Nova Scotia road trip! Part I - Philadelphia

Lisa and Elaine hit the road again. This time they head off to North America on a road trip. Buckle up because with them it’s always fast and furious.

Trip review
Welcome to Iran – Part IV

We are endlessly fascinated by ConnieLynn as she tells us more about the magnificent and ancient world of Iran, home to so many empires and civilisations throughout the ages.

Trip review
Welcome to Iran - Part II

CorrieLynn takes us further into her fascinating 12 day trip into the ancient sites and cultures of Iran.

Trip review
My first trip to India

Shellyellie tells us about the highs and lows of her dream trip to India. Despite some disappointments along the way, she also had some wonderful memories and saw so much, which she shares with us.