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Sri Lanka

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Trip review
The Spa Resort – Koh Chang, Detoxing in Thailand

Nestled away on the east coast of Koh Chang is the “The Spa resort”. This Thelma tells us this is one of Thailand’s most affordable places to switch off.

Airboarding – the new kid on the “snow” block

Why not try out the thrills of body surfing down the ski slopes on an air board? Ana, our community leader, tells us more.

Trip review
A mini road trip in the Peak District with a touch of luxury

“When my boyfriend and I wanted to escape the City, we decided a road trip around the Peak District looked perfect”. We think she was right!

Trip review
A pure detox at the temple of Macrobiotics

SHA Wellness Clinic combines ancient Oriental techniques and Western medicine. Louise, our co-founder, tells us about her visit.

Trip review
The Isle of Wight walking festival

Louise, our co-founder, tells us about her trip to bottom of England. We call it the Isle of Wight whilst they refer to the British mainland as “the North Island.”

Trip review
Peru - a great way in to the Amazon

Peru is magical. Thelma, our co-founder, tells us about some of the best places to visit and stay.

Trip review
Just in case you need a hideaway in Mauritius

Louise, our co-founder, was stuck in Mauritius unexpectedly. The Lonely Planet Guide book sent her to hotels that were disappointing. Her taxi driver knew a place that was friendly and not expensive!

Trip review
Bilbao, home of The Guggenheim Museum

How many places have you been to where there is a 20 foot high Westie Dog made out of pansies or a 19 foot high spider?

Trip review
Barbados - you don’t have to be a millionaire!

Louise, our co-founder, tells us that Barbados is truly a paradise but there is much more to it than just the Platinum coast Billionaire’s Playground.