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Sri Lanka

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18 Positive self-talk tactics that work

We’ve gathered this list of simple but effective ways to switch your mindset from members of the Thelma & Louise community and some of our favourite wise women. You’ve got this!

100 places to go (with your travel buddy) when you can’t leave your home

You can both trek to Petra with a guide, cook pasta with the Pasta Grannies, listen to a concert or podcast together, take a rollercoaster or go on a safari - all from the comfort of your homes.

Inspirational women
5 ways you can adapt your travels as you grow older and wiser – lessons in positive thinking

Our recent Facebook Live chat with Barbara Weibel from Hole in the Donut Travels thoroughly opened our eyes to the silver-lining of going through a chronic illness and coming out the other side stronger and more positive than ever.

What can we expect from travel in 2021?

Clue: there's vaccinations, travel buddies and hope on the horizon. What are your plans to make the most of the coming year?

Inspirational women
Why I love India and keep going back, by a yoga teacher in her mid-60s

Linda Karl, a yoga instructor from the USA, has been to India 13 times since her early 50s – and she still adores the place in her 60s!

Inspirational women
Slaying the stereotypes of women in retirement: good bye roses and rocking chairs, hello intergenerational living and influence

Erica Baird and Karen Wagner co-founded Lustre.net, to help women who shattered the glass ceiling in the ’70s tap into their potential, forge new identities and find new purpose as they enter retirement.

What to expect on a group tour of Mongolia – by a veteran overland traveller

Rensina, Thelma & Louise Club member and a veteran of road trips and travels in Mongolia, tells us exactly what to expect on a group overland tour of Mongolia, from dealing with breakdowns to making your travels there environmentally friendly.