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2 Questions, 90 Women, 1 Bad Year


As this week marks one year since the lockdown started here in the UK, we look back at what a ride it’s been and how on Earth we’ve managed to keep going. As always we turned to our community of members and followers and asked them these 2 questions:

1. If you'd known that you'd be isolated for so long, what would you have done differently?
2. Which destination or trip plan has kept you going through this year?

Image by Joel Muniz on Unsplash


Over 90 women aired their views, plans and hopes! Oh and what heart-warming, lovely conversations this sparked. From putting everything into storage and relocating in a sunny destination, buying a camper van and touring around during the pandemic, to losing weight and staying healthy, getting a man or a puppy, or reinventing yourself by going sober, reading 100 books and changing jobs, it felt good to talk about it.

“one year on, the most important thing that we’ve understood is how vital it is to have something to look forward to and someone to share it with.”

Besides the uplifting and supportive messages, I love to see how these discussions are the start of a potential friendship, a virtual travel guide, an idea for a journey, a nudge to go out there and do something local and to plan for the future. Because one year on, the most important thing that we’ve understood is how vital it is to have something to look forward to and someone to share it with.


1. If you'd known that you'd be isolated for so long, what would you have done differently?


Relocate, stay at the last holiday destination or travel: 36%

Tami: Immediately bought a van or at the least taken off with camping gear.

Anna: I would’ve left the country sooner. I left in October and live in Barbados. Exquisite, safe, sane. Perfect for recovering from the gaslighting, trauma and mass death of the past 4 years. I took advantage of the visa offer to relocate. Best idea ever. Really simple process and it has been a wondrous place to work and play. My creativity has returned, there is a strong, vibrant remote work community of about 3,000 and local residents are incredibly kind, helpful, welcoming and fun.

“Teri: Retired a year earlier & headed for Europe!”

Karol: Stayed in Portugal.

Shari B, Ana and Beth: Taken a trip to Italy to stop and have coffee in little cafes, talk with the locals util my arms hurt and try to draw some of that beautiful Italian architecture.

Shari W: Taken my dad and gone to my home in Belize to wait it out.

Debrah: I would immediately have put everything in storage, ended my lease and run off to the Caribbean!

Teri: Retired a year earlier & headed for Europe!


Keep healthy: 18%

Chris: Lockdown was good for me as I did things differently. I chose to focus on losing weight, getting fit, started daily meditation. I’m still on track with all those three.

Jennifer: I really concentrated on my weight and it worked.

Diane: Stopped eating so much.

Cheryl: Bought a peloton sooner (as well as stock in it and zoom!)


Reinventing themselves: 18%

Gillian: Quitting my well-paid, secure job and starting my own company at the end of 2019 put me in an economically precarious position with lockdown. But it also meant I was able to apportion my time as I saw fit... and I saw fit to run operations at two foodbanks in two different counties, participate as a Census taker, get heavily involved with the voter registration and elections process, lose 25lbs, read more, and pursue work that I really wanted. 2020 was one of my happiest and most productive years.


“2020 was one of my happiest and most productive years.”

Jennifer E: I am one of the few who saw the shutdowns as a blessing. I got sober. Read over 100 books (more than 4x my annual average). I took a ton of classes. I laughed and cried and mourned and dreamt of how to live my best life when all this is finally over.


Nothing: 18%

Jan: Now I'm not being snarky, but I've lived the pandemic life for quite a while before the global pandemic, so it’s no different.

Frances: Not much, really. I'm an introvert and work from home, so not a lot changed in my lifestyle.


Get a man or a puppy: 8%

Tracey: Grabbed me a man.

Gwen: I would have gotten a puppy sooner! I love him so much, and he’s actually pretty good company, when he’s not using my hands as chew toys.


Tackle home projects: 2%

Kirsty: Stocked up on painting supplies.


2. Which destination or trip plan has kept you going this year?

Those Big Trips: 68%

Chrystal: We were supposed to go to Belize in February but my husband’s work has some tough restrictions on air travel. So, we’re going camping at NASCAR instead.

Helene: Portugal and Azores 2022.

Chandra: Scotland ASAP.


“Mary: Oceanfront Airbnb South Carolina shore with a bestie. Seven days. God knows my soul needs the ocean.... I will be SO grateful.”

Juliet: Postponed my trip to Ghana but looking forward to 2022.

Eveline: A trip to New Zealand.

Becky: Our trip planned for Curaçao in March 2020 was postponed to March 2021 now postponed to November 2021.

Joyce: Returning to my home in San Francisco. I’ve been on the road for a year and a half and that’s enough. For now, anyhow.


Staying local: 24%

Emma: I’ve been going for short, sweet rewards whenever possible - so domestic trips in between travel restrictions. Been checking off some domestic destinations that would probably have been put on the back-burner if overseas trips were allowed. Can’t bring myself to book a trip overseas just yet!

Narrelle: Managed a couple of short trips from London last year and have the first week of June booked in a shepherd's hut in the beautiful English countryside. Grateful for what I can do, rather than focusing on what I can't.

Tina: Exploring more walks around my own location, discovering hidden delights hitherto unknown, and developing friendly chats with people living nearby who I may never have met before.

Elizabeth: Exploring the area I live in has kept my travel bug fed. I especially love planning to go to local beaches and coastal villages. There’s so much to see here in Fife. It has a knock on effect of making me look more at UK destinations too.

Fiona: Long weekends away within my state (NSW Australia) have kept me sane as our state borders were closed until recently. I’m not planning further until we can leave Australia but considering a trip around southwestern Western Australia to see the wildflowers in spring, maybe late September.


Festivals and concerts: 8%

Emma: I can’t wait to go to a festival! A big, crazy festival with crowds of people all hugging and dancing and singing together!

Tracey: I'd settle for a regular old concert in an arena!


And if you wonder what this year has been like for Emma and I, working in a travel club...read on

One of the things that Ana and I are most proud of is introducing the Thelma & Louise Facebook Live Lockdown Travel Chats, almost a year ago. We stepped waaaay out of our comfort zones – neither of us are comfortable in front of a camera! – but it’s been rewarding in so many ways. We’ve met 24 inspiring women and had countless fascinating conversations. Most importantly, we’ve loved your feedback and involvement. We hope you’ve enjoyed joining us for the ride! (And that we can get off it soon..)