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Christmas in the sun

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Trip review
Trekking in Bhutan

South African surfer and eco-warrior Diony Lalieu tells us all about her trip to Bhutan, and how it led her to make some life-changing decisions.

Inspirational women
Inspiring women travellers - Hazel Manuel, CEO turned award-winning novelist

Hazel Manuel is a UK-born writer who spent many years climbing the corporate ladder before becoming a full-time writer. Here, Hazel tells us about the people and places that inspire her.

Inspirational women
Inspirational women travellers: Heidi, creator of the first Paris walking tour devoted entirely to women's history and influence

Tired of talking about the great men who shaped Paris, Heidi launched tours about the women who did the same, but get less fanfare. She is a Londoner in her 20s and came to Paris looking for an adventure.

Inspirational women
Inspiring women travellers: Rachel, the travel writer

When Rachel bagged a free last-minute place on a writer’s course in Barcelona, she jumped on a plane to Barcelona to put pen to paper among a deeply supportive group of women. Here is her story.

5 Reasons to do something different in 2016

I'm not a fan of New Year, but yet I can’t help being infected by something positive in the deluge of New Year, New You nonsense that inundates the papers, magazines and social media at this time of year.

Trip review
Zen and the art of relaxing… whilst taking on a scarey, new challenge

Doing Something Different is always an inspiring experience and Julie from Venus Adventures tells us about her new found passion: Free Diving.

6 Reasons It’s Better To Have A Travel Buddy Than To Travel Solo

The solo travel experience simply doesn’t compare to the laughs, refreshingly skewed perspectives and shared memories that come with a travel buddy, whether you start out together or join up for part of the journey.

Travel-themed New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Challenge yourself with these travel-themed New Year’s resolutions, and join us in our campaign to Do Something Different in 2016.

Tap in to your passion to find immersive travel experiences

If you only have one or two weeks of holiday, traveling with a learning-focus can lead to a richer, more meaningful experience says Gretchen. You could learn something about yourself, make new friends, or see a city in a brand new way.

5 Learning holidays to plan this year

Inspired by the back-to-school vibe of September, here are the 5 learning holidays Emma is looking to book right now.