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Sri Lanka

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Member story
Meetup for the Christmas market in Bath

Five of us met in the Sally Lunn's cafe and it was good to see some old Thelma & Louise friends and welcome two new members.

Show us your city's Xmas lights!

Wouldn't it be lovely for us all to share some Christmas lights and decoration from our homes and towns?

Mediterranean port of Collioure
Trip review
A Painter’s Paradise: Welcome to Collioure

Our co-founder Louise tells us about her trip to the idyllic Mediterranean port of Collioure right next to the Pyrenees border of France and Spain. Credited as the birthplace of Fauvism there are just so many dreamscapes to explore and breath in.

Trip review
What a wonderful surprise: Hello Edinburgh!

A cancelled flight back from the US to London did not dampen the spirits of this enterprising Thelma & Louise member. She re-routed her journey and decided to spend a day in transit exploring Edinburgh. She turned lemons into lemonade!

Shwedagon Temple
Trip review
Burma road

The word Burma conjured up great and exotic images in the mind’s eye of our co-founder, Louise. She retells her amazing story through Myanmar and Mandalay.

Brighton Pier
Trip review
7 Thelma & Louise's go to Brighton

After meeting up and then a 4 day cruise, this group of Thelma & Louise’s decided to take a city break in Brighton.

We stopped at the equator for a couple of photos
Trip review
Uganda - walking with gorillas, chimps ... and dung beetles (Part I)

Two Thelma & Louise members, Lisajoa and Jenshep, meet up 3 hours before take off at Heathrow for the first time to traverse the wilds of Uganda. What a trip as they explore this magical land.

Cape Town - 12 apostles
Trip review
2 Days in Cape Town, South Africa

This Thelma gives us a 2 day itinerary of things to see and do at the “Fairest Cape of them all”. There’s no shortage of mountains, beach, winelands, people and culture.

The Boston Skyline on a morning run
Trip review
Things to do if you have 1 day in Boston

Got a spare day in Boston? Not sure where to start? Here’s a great starter to get the most out of what locals call the wicked good city!

Pulteney Bridge
Trip review
A day of discovery at the World Heritage City of Bath

Inspired by reading the account of those 25 merry Thelma & Louise’s who had a wonderful weekend trip to Bath, this member decided to visit the city for herself.