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Sri Lanka

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sari dying
Trip review
How to Rock a Sari in India

Planning on wearing a Sari while you are in India but don't know where to start? This Thelma shows us how.

Trip review
How to Catch a Taxi in India

So how should a foreign visitor catch a taxi as they navigate India? A local shares her insights to get it done right.

6 ThemaandLouises trek the Great Wall of China
Trip review
The Great Wall of China - Trekking on the wild side

These 6 Thelmas weren’t content just to see The Great Wall of China, they trekked along it and camped on top of it!

Member story
Get inspired! A London get together for those interested in an adventure!

Talking about their 4,000 mile road trip, Ceri and Anne, give great advice in finding and choosing a great travel buddy.

Rooftop cocktails at sunset by Tim Lucas on flickr
Trip review
Cocktails, fine dining and fun in Bangkok

This Thelma gives us her quick list of great things to do in Bangkok. Sounds fantastic!

Mt Herschel, Antarctica
Trip review
Antarctic travel guide

Louise, our co-founder, tells us the nearest you will ever get to being on another planet is to visit the Antarctic. It sounds amazing!

Caribbean Sunset, Aruba
Trip review
Island hopping in the Caribbean - how not to honeymoon! (Part I)

Some times things don’t go exactly to plan. This Thelma tell us about her honeymoon travels …

 stone footbridge across the Meuse River in Maastricht
Trip review
Maastricht’s bikes and outdoor cafe culture

Maastricht does not always spring to mind as a destination for a city break. This Thelma tell us about her perfectly laid back weekend.

Grand Canyon
Trip review
Road Trip USA

This Thelma tells us the only way to discover America is by road. She shares with us her trip across the West Coast.

Kyrena, Northern Cyprus
Trip review
Northern Cyprus

“Want some sunshine but no crowds, plenty of history; outside the expensive Eurozone, but not too far too fly?” Louise, our co-founder, tells us more.