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My sailing trip with 60 women I never met before


In 2015 I saw many positive posts from a bunch of gals who had participated in the First Annual Women Who Sail Rendezvous in the beautiful British Virgin Islands. That was spearheaded by Captain Holly Scott of Mahalo Sailing through the Facebook page called (of course) Women Who Sail. It looked and sounded like they had a total blast. I vowed that I would NOT be missing the Second Annual Rendezvous sailing the beautiful Sea Of Cortez.

I started seeing the sign up instructions the following year but I was working two jobs and having a hard time figuring out how I was going to coordinate my escape. Spots went VERY QUICKLY and I saw that here was just ONE SPOT LEFT. I was in a panic. I had to go on that trip. I owed it to myself and my mental health!

“...if I was okay sleeping on the salon table she could squeeze me in. Yipee! I was in!”

I called Captain Holly and said I was sending my deposit check and she informed me the last spot may be taken. I was crushed. During further conversation I said I was so low maintenance that I could sleep in a broom closet and that I just had to go on that trip. She said if I was okay sleeping on the salon table she could squeeze me in. Yippee ! I was in. Now mind you this was a trip with 60 women of whom I knew NO ONE nor Captain Holly.

I had no clue how a trip like this was run or how things would be happening. Someone going on the trip had organized a spreadsheet of the participant’s flight arrival dates and times and night before boarding room sharing availability. I coordinated sharing a cab from the airport and a room the night before the boarding and a room /cab share for after the sailing charter through that match-up list.

I shared a few emails and contact info with the gal who had space in her room. It was a double occupancy room and there were to be 4 of us sharing and splitting the cost. There was to be a night before boarding meet and greet dinner get together and we arranged to meet in person then. All good, right? NOT. This is where my sense of humor was going to come in really handy.

“When I told my friends that I was going on a sailing trip with 60 women I didn't know and sharing a room and bed and a boat with strangers they looked at me like I had gone completely mad.”

The day came to fly to Mexico and join my sailing sisters for an amazing trip. My first flight went off without a hitch. The second one was delayed and then cancelled. We had to wait for a plane to come in to replace it. I prayed that I would at least get to Mexico that night and not the following day as that day was the boats were to depart the dock. I was missing the meet and greet dinner! 

Messages were sent when the plane would be arriving and the gal who organized the room left a key at the front desk for me. I arrived to the hotel well after midnight, picked up the room key and headed to the room. I knocked and entered quietly. In the darkened room were lumps in their beds fast asleep. My bed -mate greeted me in the dark. We introduced ourselves and I headed to the bathroom to ready for bed. We said goodnight and bunked in. We both chuckled as we said what a bizarre way to meet someone.

“Knock Knock.... I'm here,,,,,push over I'm getting in bed with you!”

Next morning we all said our hellos and got about readying to head for the boat. Turns out we were all on the same boat.

We spent a magical week sailing, swimming, snorkeling, feasting and sharing stories of who we were …… us 12 gals.

“As we got to know each other we became a tribe.”

I have gone on every Rendezvous since and a few other trips with just the gals on my boat from that trip and even a month long boat delivery.. Anytime someone has a life issue our tribe has stepped up to help or give emotional support. Still going strong some 5 years later. Lifelong friends. My life completely changed as a result of that trip. EPIC !  I love my tribe!


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