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Sri Lanka

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13 of the world’s spookiest places you won’t want to spend the night alone

Just in time for Halloween, Emma put together a list of 13 of the spookiest places in the world that I definitely wouldn’t spend the night in, not for several cash-stuffed suitcases!

Inspirational women
Inspirational women: Meet Lisi, a real life Alice who has shaped her life choices as she travels to Wonderland!

This week we talk to Lisi, a real life Alice in Wonderland, who a year ago checked out from her high-flying corporate career, a claustrophobic relationship and some unhealthy habits to travel full time.

Trip review
A Northern California Journey of Renewal

A solo trip to Northern California gave Ms. Career Girl time to reflect after her mother passed away.

Trip review
Oregon’s Scenic Highways and the Bits Between

A Brit, a Texan and a New Yorker discover the beauties of Oregon Coast, Crater Lake, Three Sisters Wilderness, Mount Hood and a few other places on the way. What an adventure!

Trip review
Philadelphia and Nova Scotia road trip! Part I - Philadelphia

Lisa and Elaine hit the road again. This time they head off to North America on a road trip. Buckle up because with them it’s always fast and furious.

Trip review
5 Great Spots to go for a Run

Bobbybee shares with us some of the places she likes to go running on her travels. Do you have a favourite?

Trip review
Things to do if you have 1 day in Boston

Got a spare day in Boston? Not sure where to start? Here’s a great starter to get the most out of what locals call the wicked good city!

Trip review
New York and New England Heaven - (Part I) NYC

A flash decision to buy amazingly discounted tickets to New York led these 3 intrepid travellers to take a 2 week holiday in the north east US coast.

Trip review
New York and New England Heaven - (Part II) BOSTON

With deep hearts our 3 intrepid travellers leave New York to continue their journey towards Boston and travel along the New England coastline.

Trip review
Road Trip USA

This Thelma tells us the only way to discover America is by road. She shares with us her trip across the West Coast.