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5 Ancient Egyptian Places You Should Visit Before You Die


I’m now back in my home, my fabric has been pre-washed (oh yes, I bought fabric) and I’ve arranged through the mounds of photos I took during my 10 days Egypt tour. Now it’s time to narrate about it!

How I Booked My Tour

Earlier this year, I decided to visit Egypt, so I sat on my chair then opened my computer and typed in Google's search engine "Egypt vacation packages", lots of results in front me. I choose the best 10 booking websites and I decided that the travel agency which I hope to book my tour should be located in Egypt to prevent the commissions that other international travel agencies take. I was prepared for an inquiry that I need to book a trip to Egypt for 10 days, what's the best itinerary and the best service you offer at affordable prices. I send this inquiry to 10 travel websites which already located in Egypt. One of them was the "Trips in Egypt" travel agency which arranged my trip to Egypt.

The itinerary covered all the important archeological sites in Egypt located in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan plus a Nile cruise which is considered the best way to see Egypt. But that's not all, I have great free days in a hotel in Hurghada red sea, to relax. So, I would highly recommend booking a tour through this company and their guides, I had a most incredible experience. It made my trip so much fun to learn all about ancient Egyptian history! The cruise was also excellent. The food was delicious, the staff was so friendly/helpful and the rooms were good.

My Experience in Egypt

From the most exciting mysteries of the earth and one of the most famous landmarks in Cairo, our visit to the pyramids of Giza was wonderful.
As soon as we arrived in the Giza area and specifically to the Giza Plateau where the Pyramids of Giza are located, we saw from afar the famous three Pyramids of Giza, the Great Pyramid of Cheops, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure, dating back to 25 century BC.

Abu Simbel

Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest and most diverse and prosperous civilizations in history. We can see this through the effects left by the peoples and civilizations that have been established in this region, which indicates the great prosperity and development reached by that time, and also demonstrates the outstanding genius in various fields such as medicine, architecture, agriculture, and engineering.

Through previous civilizations, we have known the triangular pyramids that puzzled the engineers for a long period of time because of their strange shape and because of the entrances and secret corridors and catacombs, and we also know the mummification of the dead and how to save their bodies for thousands of years, and the most important effects that still exist to this day are the various pyramids Giza and the Sphinx.

We started our journey by riding the desert ship "the camel" as the Arabians say, touring the desert surrounding the pyramids, and seeing the Sphinx, one of the most famous statues around the world, and then our visit to the Pyramids of Giza from inside.


Best 5 Ancient Places in Egypt You Should Visit:

First: Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids are located on the northern side of Egypt on a rocky plateau in the West Bank of the Nile near Giza. The great pyramid of Khufu is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world where the three pyramids carefully constructed carefully and high altitudes and an attractive engineering method shows the skill and engineering ability of the Pharaohs In ancient times. We visited the Great Pyramid from inside, up to 147 m above the surface of the earth. It was named after the pharaoh Khufu, who ordered its construction, and it is one of the most distinctive pyramids. There were several corridors leading to the burial chamber of the king in addition to other rooms. The aim was to save the jewelry of the deceased and his belongings in a way that is difficult for the thieves to reach

In the Giza complex, you will witness the Great Sphinx which is one of the very giant sculptures made up of rock and its shape is described as having a human head and a lion's body, to signify the lion's strength and human wisdom gathered together and in one body. It was built in the belief that he has the ability to protect the tombs that exist inside the pyramids.

Second: Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel Temple  was built about 3000 years ago and took a period of twenty years, and the idea in its construction was a tribute to the wife of Ramses II "Nefertari" and the ancient Egyptian gods Ra, Amun and Ptah, and the temple shows its strangeness by the perpendicular sunlight only twice a year for the first time, the sun is perpendicular to the temple on February 22, on the occasion of Ramses II's accession to the throne, and the second on October 22, on the anniversary of his birth.

Karnak Temple

Third: Karnak Temple

When you visit the Temple of Karnak, so you are considered in the heart of the New Kingdom. The monumental temple is the center of the ancient religion, where power was concentrated in Thebes (Luxor in modern times), as well as an administrative center and a palace for the complex of Pharaonic temples in the modern kingdom. Developed over 1500 years, it incorporated generation after generation of pharaohs, leading to the construction of a collection of temples, shelters, towers and other ornaments unparalleled throughout Egypt.

Hatshepsut Temple

Fourth: Queen Hatshepsut Tempel

Queen Hatshepsut is the strongest and most famous queen of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Its temple (later known as the Temple of the Monastery of Bahri because it became a Coptic monastery at the end of the Ptolemaic period because of the spread of Christianity at the time) is a funerary temple that is ordered to be built on the west side of the Nile, which took 15 consecutive years.

The reason for the importance and fame of this temple is that it is one of the best temples that have remained the same although it is more than 3500 years old. One of the reasons for his fame is his architectural design, unlike any of his earlier temples. It consists of three floors, each with open balconies. The building was entirely colored limestone, and huge limestone statues - originally colored - To the god Osiris and to Queen Hatshepsut.

Philae Temple

Why you shouldn't miss the Nile Cruise

Boarding a big cruise is a wonderful experience but boarding a Nile cruise is a life-changing experience. Through Nile cruise,  you will sail on the bloodstream of Egypt and feel the soul of Upper Egypt which lies in Luxor & Aswan. Begin your journey to explore all the hidden secrets of the ancient civilization in Luxor and Aswan.

Through the Nile river cruise, you will enjoy unforgettable tours to discover the enchanting places in Luxor & Aswan such as Karnak & Hatshepsut temple, Valley of the kings, Philae & Edfu temple, the great temple of Abu Simble and other breathtaking monuments.

Finally, Egypt has lots of ancient places that date back to the Pharaohs era. So if you plan to enjoy the best vacation then travel to Egypt and explore history.