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Sri Lanka

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Travel trends 2016

Where will you travel in 2016? And how will you travel there? Emma has gathered all of the hotly tipped destinations and travel tech developments for 2016 and handpicked these gems for you.

Trip review
Chile’s Route 11: one of the world’s most scenic drives

Emma, A.K.A. Overland Traveller, talks us through one of her favourite drives – Chile’s Route 11, which rises from sea level to the heady heights of the Bolivian border.

5 seriously indulgent chocolate-themed holidays

Emma is taking us on an indulgence tour of chocolate around the world. It's #ChocolateWeek!!!

This mother is redefining adventurous childhoods

Morgan Brechler, a 25-year-old mother who has conquered US national parks, Mexico and Hawaii with her three-year-daughter, Hadlie.