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Sri Lanka

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20 questions to ask your new travel buddy

Finding someone to travel with is a big thing. To help make this part of planning your trip that bit easier, Emma put together 20 questions to discuss with potential travel buddies so you can find someone you’re going to be compatible with on the road.

How are we getting on with our travel pledges?

We’ve already made plans, starting to practise what we preach! Read on to find out where Louise, Emma and Ana’s pledges have taken them so far.

How to make sure your resolutions are successful

Around this time of year we start to fall off the New Year resolution wagon, so Emma put together some simple steps you can take to make sure your New Year resolutions are a resounding success.

10 Bucket list-worthy trips to get you through Blue Monday

It’s official. Today is the most miserable day of the year. Here are some bucket list-worthy trips to help you through it.

5 Reasons to do something different in 2016

I'm not a fan of New Year, but yet I can’t help being infected by something positive in the deluge of New Year, New You nonsense that inundates the papers, magazines and social media at this time of year.

Trip review
Zen and the art of relaxing… whilst taking on a scarey, new challenge

Doing Something Different is always an inspiring experience and Julie from Venus Adventures tells us about her new found passion: Free Diving.

Our pledges to Do Something Different

As part of our Do Something Different in 2016 campaign, we, the Thema & Louise team are sharing our resolutions with you. We hope that by sharing these pledges, we'll all be more motivated to follow them through.

6 Reasons It’s Better To Have A Travel Buddy Than To Travel Solo

The solo travel experience simply doesn’t compare to the laughs, refreshingly skewed perspectives and shared memories that come with a travel buddy, whether you start out together or join up for part of the journey.

Travel-themed New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Challenge yourself with these travel-themed New Year’s resolutions, and join us in our campaign to Do Something Different in 2016.

Do Something Different in 2016

We think New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be about sacrifice. They should be about fun, adventure and self-improvement. So we’re going to Do Something Different in 2016, and we want you to join us.