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Podcast 40: The uncomfortable truth about women in South Sudan

This week we talked to Megan, a human rights lawyer from Canada, who has just came back from a refugee camp in South Sudan where she was working with reporttheabuse.org to protect women against gender based sexual violence.

Podcast 39: How I travelled with just $10 per day and hiked the Appalachians

This week we talk to Emily from Thisisnotaguidebook.com about long distance hiking and cycling on tiny budgets. Emily is not yet 30 but her love and determination to travel is a real inspiration.

Podcast 38: How I quit my job to become a travel writer and won Best Travel Blog Award

This week we talk to Abigail from InsideTheTravelLab.com, winner of Best Travel Blog 2014. She tells us how she has always been torn between being a doctor or a writer. She switched from the first to the latter just as her 30st birthday approached.

Podcast 37: Exploring different faiths and cultures with Heather

This week we are talking to Heather, who likes to explore different faiths and have a feel of the deep wisdom and energy that has gone into creating spiritual places.

Podcast 36: How I found the perfect travel buddy on Thelma & Louise

This week we are talking to Vivian about finding her perfect travel buddy, their trip to Croatia and art retreats.

Podcast 35: Dress with stylist Lola to feel good

This week we talk to stylist Lola about creating a wardrobe to feel good about ourselves.

Podcast 34: Sailing from Singapore to Australia, touring Iran and exploring the Balkans by public transport all with Ishbel

This week we talk to Ishbel about her amazing adventures: whether it's sailing from Singapore to Australia, touring Iran and exploring the Balkans by public transport.

Podcast 33: Volunteering, white water rafting and riding elephants all in her 70s!

This week we talk to Valerie, who has recently returned from a volunteering trip to Tanzania. Her past trips include white water rafting and an elephant trek.

Podcast 32: 2 girls and 1 polaroid camera hitchhike the world!

This week we talk to Iza and Wiola, 2 brave and ambitious girls from Poland who are planning to hitchhike around the world. They are on a mission to "Rediscover Kindness" as they share the road with the many people they will meet on the 4 continents.

Podcast 31: Vickeblueyes and must-see Philippines

This week we are catching up with Vickeblueyes to see how her trip through South East Asia is progressing. She became a great fan of the Philippines and thinks it should be on your list too.