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Podcast 59: Don't steal their soul with your camera and tourism

This week we speak to Rebecca from Sumak Travel about empowering local communities in South and Central America through tourism.

Podcast 58: Nora, a girl and her motorbike on a trip from Amsterdam to Bali

This week we speak to Nora, who is taking a solo trip on her motorcycle from Amsterdam to Bali. She is now halfway through her trip and we are speaking to her in Osh, Kyrgystan. In her own words, "her trip is about woman empowerment".

Podcast 57: "Untie the Lines" with Emma Bamford on sailing, the dream to escape and anxiety

This week we catch up with Emma Bamford setting sail again, this time living on a yacht in Malaysia with Guy, never quite sailing to Indonesia as planned, breaking free, anxiety, panic attacks and setting sail for more adventures from Hudson to St Lucia.

Podcast 56: Lesley on Taking a Gap Year in her 50s and building a school in Nepal

This week we speak to Lesley, who recently returned from her 1 year Adult Gap Year with her partner. Rather than waiting for retirement they decided to put their careers on hold and go travelling. Lesley tells us also about her frist trip to Nepal.

Podcast 55: Alvina on The Empowering Experience Of Solo Travel and Reasons To Go North

This week we speak to Alvina, who after separating from her husband, found the courage to travel on her own and start a new life up in the north of England.

Podcast 54: How I'm helping rebuild Uganda

This week we speak to Ann who has done some extraordinary work in Uganda. She went to see the mountain gorillas, fell in love with the friendly people there and decided to help the locals.

Podcast 53: Leaving Footprints in the Clouds - 2.5 Years Around the World

This week we speak to Emma Olmi about how she fulfilled her biggest dream of travelling the world. She is telling us about her amazing adventures over 24 monts and 24 countries!

Podcast 52: "Travel is the gift I give to myself"

This week we speak to Jeanine, a New Yorker who after a tragic event promised herself she would go back to school and travel the world. "You only have one life to live here on earth, so travel as much as possible & the memories will last a lifetime".

Podcast 51: It Ain't Heavy, It's My Luggage: Tips for Women Traveling Abroad

This week we speak to Kay about her first book called It Ain't Heavy, It's My Luggage: Tips for Older Women Traveling Abroad. Kay has travelled extensively over the last 40 years and says that we should embrace travel over 60s with humour.