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Podcast 10: When a woman has female friends she is set for life!

Rensina is an Australian who has fallen in love with Mongolia and she is now taking groups there. From the amazing sky at night to ad-hoc festivals, from fantastic sceneries to wonderful people, Mongolia touched her in a way that not even her home could.

Podcast 9: The road trip that got me to see the world

Chris tells us about her Thelma & Louise style road trip across the US. It was full of laughter and fun. She shares with us how she got that get up & go back in her life. Now she has her travelling shoes on and she's been off seeing the world ever since.

Podcast 8: How I quit my job and started a new life

A couple of years ago Lucy gave up her job to go skiing in the Alps for what she thought would be 6 weeks. She took the plunge, rented a villa and then looked on the T&L; site for people to join her. By the end of her stay she had changed her life complely

Podcast 7: On the road with Shellyellie (and James!)

Shellyellie tells us about her dream to have her very own campervan, how she found James (the campervan!) and started travelling with him around the UK. Her husband doesn't mind her going off without him and she's ready to start a new adventure.

Podcast 6: Tips from Iris the Queen of Travel Bargains

Iris gives Louise some tips on how to travel first class and stay in 5* hotels on membership points and deals and also on how to spot the bargains and then make sure you are on the Guaranteed Best Price room rate.

Podcast 5: Living your travel dreams with Compogirl

Compogirl is one of our dear members who really lives the Thelma & Louise ethos. From her first tentative trip to Edinburgh, she has invaded Bath, been on a runaway train to Venice, been to Cuba, She lives to travel

Podcast 4: Raw Retreat Revolution

Our co-founder Louise recommends! She literally gives us the skinny on how to squeeze into a dress, lose weight and feel great after her break at the Raw Retreat in Cornwall. Lots of tips and insights into this fascinating new food revolution.

Podcast 3: From Tourist to Traveller

Meet Kerin, a US based Thelma & Louise member, who has gone from being a single woman whose travel was limited to group tours to exotic travel with Thelmandlouise.com buddies. She shares some of her experiences on her life journey so far.

Podcast 2: Casting off with Emma Bamford

Hear how Emma gave up her job and moved to the other end of the world to live on a boat in Borneo with a man she had never met. She has some useful survival tips for anyone thinking of taking a similar leap of faith. Her book “Casting Off” is out now.

Podcast 1: The Thelma & Louise Manifesto!

Join our real life Thelma & Louise, Grace and Christine, our co-founders, as they talk about their hopes and wishes for the website, the community and their motivation behind the club. Listen to our story and channel some of that Thelma & Louise spirit.