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Podcast 50: How I gave up my office job to live and teach English in South East Asia

This week we speak to Louise about how she decided to give up her office job, sell her apartment and start a new life in South East Asia.

Podcast 49: How to travel like James Bond...on a budget!

This week we talk with Melissa about 'Women with Wanderlust, a guide to Roaming’, her book of memories, tips and tricks from travelling to 40 countries.for women who share her irresistible urge to travel.

Podcast 48: Lucy our real life Jean Jack Cousteau!

This week we speak to Lucy, who has recently published the Barbados Dive Guide. She now lives in Barbados, where she trained and became a diving instructor. She contributes to marine conservation projects and has her own school for underwater photography.

Podcast 47: Venus the Travelling Goddess

This week we speak to Julie from Venus Adventures, a travel company that organises women only adventure trips. She is currently living in Egypt, spending her days learning to freedive, drinking tea with the Bedouins and teaching their children English

Podcast 46: Retirement can be a big happy adventure when you have travel buddies

This week we speak to Maggie about finding travel buddies on thelmandlouise.com, MeetUps and a year of travel plans with one trip leading on to the next. She is literally jumping from trip to trip!

Podcast 45: How I got together a group of 11 ladies to go to Cuba with me

This week we speak to Suzan, AKA AegeanPricess, a British lady working as a Tour Manager in Greece. Suzan has got a group together to go to Cuba with and once the trip was oversubscribed a second group was created.

Podcast 44: with Lt Col Louise about bossing men around, the day a hippo ate her canoe and promoting champagne around the world

This week we speak to Louise about her time in the British Army, organising training trips for solders, embracing sky diving and paragliding, mountaineering, cycling across Australia, canoeing along the Zambezi river and escaping a rather hungry hippo.

Podcast 43: 25 years of heritage travelling with Voyager Vicki

This week we spoke with Vicky, an avid voyager from Washington US. She is celebrating this year 25 years of heritage traveller and she is telling us how it all started with a trip to Ireland and from there to Spain and the rest of Europe.

Podcast 42: Going overland with Emma: Holland to Singapore and Brazil to Canada

This week we spoke with Emma, who is one of the most adventurous overland travellers we've met so far. After travelling over land from Holland to Singapore she found the next big stretch of road and went off for one year travelling from Brazil to Canada.

Podcast 41: Co-musing with Dawn about travel and Hopes for Iraq

This week we talk to Dawn from California about products that inspire people to travel and about her passion for the Middle East, from meeting the judge the condemned Saddam Hussein to a social program to promote women's education in Iraq