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Podcast 31: Vickeblueyes and must-see Philippines


Posted by

Thelma & Louise Member

You might recall we spoke with Vickeblueyes a few months ago during the early part of her travels across Asia. Along the way she has sent us some wonderful postcards and a trip review or two. We thought it would be timely to check in on her and see how her journey is progressing. She spoke with us from Jakarta, Indonesia, and told us about her travels there and in the Philippines.

Besides volunteering for VFV on this part of her trip, she has ventured into dense jungle, traversed lofty rainforests, walked along pristine white beaches and swam alongside breath-taking coral. She's become a great fan of the Philippines and believes it should be on your list of must-see places. She has just sent us some postcards of her time in the Philippines here.