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Podcast 30: How I fell in love with Iran

Connie takes us further into her facinating trip into the acient culture and places that she fell in love with in Iran.

Podcast 29: Connie and her Iranian adventure

This week we talk to Connie about her wonderful trip to Iran. It all began with a trip idea posted on the site, which then generated lots of comments. Soon Connie (an American) teamed up with 2 British and 1 Australian travel buddies to explore Iran.

Podcast 28: The South Pacific and Sheila

This week we talk to our member Sheila, who has recently returned from an amazing 5 week trip to New Zealand and South Pacific with 2 other Thelma & Louise members. She flew around the world and took a cruise to visit the stunning Pacific Islands.

Podcast 27: Yolanda and Cuba

This week we talk to Yolanda, a Cuban lady who has lived in exile most of her life. She tells us about the life she left behind and why she and her family decided to leave the country.

Podcast 26: Maldivesgirl and America (and other places too)!

This week we talk to Maldivesgirl about her love for travelling and her real love affair with the US.

Podcast 25: Casting people for adverts with Victoria

This week we talk to Victoria, the casting producer who last week sent us an email looking for 2 ladies in their 60s+ to be filmed riding a roller coaster for an advert to be shot in Madrid.She tells us about the new trend of using real people in adverts.

Podcast 24: Japan on Foot!

This week we talk to Mary King, a British journalist who walked the length and breath of Japan. This is the story of 2 women, 1 (very) long journey, 15 months and 7,500km on foot, and the people they met along the way.

Podcast 23: Sailing around the world, French Polynesia and living in India and Vietnam for a few months with Oceangirl

After retiring Oceangirl and her husband sailed around the world to stop and explore along the way. She has great ideas on how to find good and well priced rental accommodation as well as volunteering and charity work … oh and French Polynesia.

Podcast 22: A touch of wanderlust and culinary curiosity with Travel Bunny

This week we talk to Travel Bunny, a travel and food blogger who loves to discover destinations through their particular cuisine. She believes that food can not only tell us a lot about a destination but also its people and culture.

Podcast 21: Sachi and Yoga Nidra

This week we talk to Sachi, a Yoga teacher from Miami, who tells us all about Yoga Nidra, meditation and relaxation. Some people meditate to relax, others go for a walk or run, and others might read. How do you shift the stresses of modern day life?