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Podcast 20: Backpacking through India with Vicke Blue Eyes

This week we talk to Vicke Blue Eyes who is in Kathmandu at the moment as part of her amazing 7 months trip around Asia. So far, she's travelled through India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Borneo, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Podcast 19: with Lisa, our real life Indiana Jones

This week we talk to Lisa about finding the right travel buddy to share the journey with. She tells us about her fascinating adventures with Thelma & Louise companions through Uganda, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Dubai, Oman and The Gambia.

Podcast 18: Nina with Get Up and Go

This week we talk to Nina about how she found friends and that "get up and go" to go travelling. From her first trip to Turkey that she shared with Thelma & Louise travel buddies, which then led to Morocco, followed by Amsterdam and, most recently, Paris.

Podcast 17: Giving the gift of friendship with Silver Friends!

This week we talk to Sarah, the co-founder of a charity called Silver Line that set up a national UK helpline to reach out and support people who feel lonely and isolated, to support them and make them feel valued and included.

Podcast 16: Travel like a DIVA with Andrea Powis

This week we talk to Andrea, founder of Travelling Divas, an Australian boutique tour company that takes you to wonderful places whilst pampering you like a Diva. From Peru Diva style to French Frocks and bubbles, travelling with DIVAS is fun.

Podcast 15: Because I am a girl!

This week we talk to Sara about educating and protecting girls in developing countries from child marriage to improve their future life chances.

Podcast 14: It's time for the Elaine and Lisa Thelma & Louise box set!

Our real life Indiana Jones, Elaine tells us about her fascinating adventures with Lisa through Cambodia, Indochina, Dubai and The Gambia. She has been travelling with Thelma & Louise members for over 4 years and she loves it! Hold your breath...

Podcast 13: with Jill Golding on volunteering in Africa and India

This week we are talking to Jill who runs Volunteer Vacations and sends volunteers to South Africa, Swaziland, Kenya, India, Bali, Thailand, Ecuador and Galapagos. She and three other ladies are visiting India volunteering in health promotion and teaching

Podcast 12: Travels with my Hat and a lifetime on the road

We talk to Christine Osborne an award winning author of Travels with my hat. The book is a memoir of her travels as a photojournalist in some of the world’s most out-of-the-way places, at a time when there was no Internet and in many towns, no hotels.

Podcast 11: Tips from Wilma - the Gathering Goddess

From dressing red carpet celebrities to being a Goddess, Wilma has some great tips for us. She tells us what is it like to come to a foreign country, start a business and make it successful, about vintage and being a Goddess.