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Interview for Solo Ventures with Vicky


Posted by

Thelma & Louise Member

We were thrilled when an email pinged into our inbox a few weeks ago, inviting us to chat about women's travel on Women's Radio Station. The message was from Vicky Carter, who presents a fortnightly show about women's solo travel, Solo Ventures with Vicky. You might remember Vicky from this podcast, when she told us all about her seven-month trip through Asia.

Vicky wanted us to tell her listeners about the "wonderful" Thelma & Louise community and the "incredible women" who form it.

Naturally, we said yes, and sent Emma, our social media person and long-time travel lover, to talk travel and Thelma & Louise. Here's what she has to say about the interview:

"It was an utter pleasure to talk about our members' inspirational attitudes to travel. I felt really proud of the women of the Thelma & Louise community as I listed adventurous trips taken together and being planned, and the various reasons why women of all travel mind-sets join us. It was also nice (although a strain on the old memory) to talk about some of my own travels from my backpacking days.

Here's hoping that by sharing our travel experiences, we encourage more women to travel - and pick up a few more travel buddies on the way!"

Listen to Solo Ventures with Vicky.