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Podcast 56: Lesley on Taking a Gap Year in her 50s and building a school in Nepal


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Thelma & Louise Member

This week we speak to Lesley, who recently returned from her 1 year Adult Gap Year with her partner. Rather than waiting for retirement they decided to put their careers on hold and go travelling! Here are some of the memorable places they've seen described by Lesley in a few words:
Tibet - A different planet!
Nepal - Nicest people in the world and pretty good scenery!
French Polynesia - better than one could imagine (size of Europe)
Patagonia - a real end of the earth wilderness
Cambodia, Vietnam - ancient cultures
New Zealand - colours and beauty
Deep South USA - charm on a grand scale
South Africa - an education with wow factor
Scandinavia - in August deep blue skies and glorious views
Some red rocks - USA (Grand Canyon and Sedona), Australia (Uluru and Kings Canyon) - Antelope Canyon -  the best in USA

Lesley also tells us about her first trip to Nepal and how after she fell in love with a little remote community in the Himalayas, she embarked on a 7 years journey to help them build a local school.