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Podcast 59: Don't steal their soul with your camera and tourism


Posted by

Thelma & Louise Member

This week we speak with Rebecca from Sumak Travel about empowering local communities in South and Central America through tourism. Rebecca is passionate about her work and would like to see more responsible travellers and this doesn’t mean just respecting the environment and buying crafts to support the locals.

Rebecca's top advice for more responsible travel: "Don't do on holiday what you wouldn't do at home." People won't take pictures of children walking through London, but they won't hesitate sticking a camera in the face of a child in Peru.

She tells us about the projects that they support for economic sustainability, social and cultural respect and the environmental conservation; it's all about helping locals to create work opportunities for themselves and gain self-esteem from having people from all over the world coming to see them.

You can listen to the podcast of our conversation with Rebecca HERE. You can also download it on iTunes HERE.

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