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Join Jersey Girl for Christmas in Vienna
Christmas in Vienna
Culinary, Cultural

Jersey Girl heard Vienna is a great 'off season' travel destination. First stop Vienna, taking in the culture, architecture and music that Vienna is known for. Then take train to Prague and Budapest if there is time. Dates flexible, leaving approximately December 16th or 17th.

Looking for travel budy/companion
Looking for travel budy/companion
Featured Destination

Share travel cost/ meet people

World Travel/vagabonding
World Travel/vagabonding
Adventure, Culinary, Cultural, Eco Tourism, Festival & Events, Inspirational Travel, Self Improvment Travel, Volunteer Tourism

Looking to take 6 months to a year to travel the world

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Ecuador or Peru by bccoaster

Have just started planning and like to be prett...

South America Cruise 2019 by travelfanatic

21 nights Cruise. Holland America Line