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Bali - early 2022

Adventure, Beach, Cultural, Spa Breaks
On a budget, Won't break the bank
Age range
55-64, 65 and above

Several of us are renting a traditional Bali villa with a private pool. Our current plan is to rent the villa for 3 weeks, in early March 2022 (little over a year from now). At this point the villa is fully booked. If anyone wants to start working on a 2nd villa, please feel free.

2022 Bali group members - we are all older, non-smokers, light drinkers able to spend 3 weeks (or more) in Bali. 

We realize that March is near the end of the rainy season, so if any members want to break off and set up different months please feel free.

Photo by Raissa Lara Lütolf (-Fasel) on Unsplash

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