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Wowcher Mystery Destination

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Barge Cruise in France - Southern Burgundy
Barge Cruise in France - Southern Burgundy
Escape to the Country

The only 12-passenger barge on this extraordinary cruise route, this handsome vessel cruises through the pristine countryside and world-famous vineyards of Burgundy’s iconic Cote d’Or. Informal in ambiance yet upscale in accommodations, the L’Impressionniste offers the most delightful of floating homes in which to celebrate the abundant beauty of Burgundy! The lovely cabins range in size and bed configurations, ensuring the perfect stateroom for everyone. Designed for maximum comfort and relaxed socializing, the barge’s spacious salon and dining area is the social center of the vessel, reflecting the convivial ambiance on this warm and welcoming barge. When guests are not lounging in the hot tub or relaxing on the expansive deck, the canal’s towpath beckons for a leisurely walk or a casual bicycle ride. From the website https://www.bargeladycruises.com/barge-cruises/limpressionniste/#itineraries