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US Road trip

Adventure, Beach, Featured Destination, Self Improvment Travel
United States
Won't break the bank
Age range
35-44, 45-54, 55-64

Travel the states for 2-3 months, while working remotely and visiting national parks, beaches, and more!

This trip idea is still very much in its infancy, so I thought I'd post to gauge interest, gather ideas, etc.

I have been living in North Carolina for almost a year. My lease is up end of March and I've found myself at a crossroads in life unsure if I want to go back home to NY or find a new place to call home. Since I am working remotely (I work in IT) I thought now would be the perfect time to spend some time traveling around the states exploring and ticking off a few things on my bucket list, one of which is visiting all 50 states (I have a decent amount under my belt already).   

I have a 3.5 yo Black Lab mix dog that I would plan to bring with me. I'm open to another puppers joining us as well, though my dog is not a fan of high energy doggos. He is super chill and he thinks hyper dogs are bananas haha

I would be working while traveling but my boss has agreed to be as flexible as possible with hours and I can take time off throughout depending on what is planned. I was thinking to rent an Airstream Trailer or maybe even an RV, all depending on whether or not I'd be solo and/or how many people would be interested. If it turns out to be a group of more than 3 I would think motels/hotels may be a better choice. My dog is also a registered ESA, so I can fly with him (though I haven't yet) so a combo of road/air could also work. Since Alaska is also on my bucket list, I would love to tack on a land/sea trip. I could likely leave the pup with a friend in the Seattle area for a bit for that portion as I can imagine this would be a difficult journey to bring him on.   

I am fairly laid back and enjoy adventure and outdoor activities just as much as I enjoy relaxing on the beach. The ideal travel partner(s) would also be someone who is also working remotely as that may make it easier to coordinate some of the activities, but definitely not a necessity (I may get jealous of your free time though lol).

Well that about sums it up for now, will add more to the post as I start doing some research on parks/traveling with the pup/renting an airstream or RV, etc. but in the meantime if this is something you may be interested in please reach out and we can see if we can make this happen!! 


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