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Meetup for the Christmas market in Bath


A day out in sunshine and bright blue skies in one of Britain's ancient cities, glorious Bath, is to be aware of the simple joys of life. Bath's medicinal spa waters were enjoyed by the Romans 2000 years ago and it has been a place of  healing ever since. So we enjoyed a T&L visit to the Christmas Market in the streets around Bath Abbey - but first a visit to Sally Lunn's famous tea house. I have never eaten such a tantalising bun.

Sally Lunn's famous bun

Mine was toasted with cinnamon and just melted down my throat. This is a "must do" when you are in Bath ! The staff were very kind and accommodating as one by one our group slipped in - sadly only five with some apologies but chatter enough for double that number !

So good to see an old T&L friend, Curly, who I last met leaving from Gatwick to go with a group to see the Northern Lights about 7 years ago !! And good to welcome two new members; both fascinating women - well aren't we all ? So many stories to listen to and learn from.

outside Sally Lunn's

When we finally stopped gassing and left Sally Lunn's we were horrified to see the long queue outside waiting for a table - thanks to the staff for letting us "be".

I found a novel present in the Market - pairs of "wristees" - woollen wrist gloves which leave fingers free. They are cashmere and soft on the wrists which can be the cold bits when we are in and out of the house in the winter.

And the candles I went back to find in Bath Abbey shop with the leaves and holly in double glass around the central wax ? They now cost £5 more than I paid in 2011 !! So I am glad I still have mine and just keep popping a new candle in.

A lovely day out and thanks so much for the meet up ladies. Happy Christmas and see you next year.

Louise xx