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Week in London (and possibly more) in January

City Break, Culinary, Cultural, Festival & Events
On a budget, Won't break the bank
Age range
35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65 and above

Active senior female traveler. Would like a companion, for all or part, of trip. Particularly interested in theater, music , historic and cultural sites, museums .

Other than my flights, have little planned . Particularly enjoy theater , music,  local events and good food .  I am a  good walker but not a serious hiker. Love festivals and any sort of celebration . Enjoy shopping but am not a shopper. Hoping for another traveler  to share some of experiences— whether we do same things together or go separately and compare  our experiences and questions over dinner.
Note: I will be arriving from a weeks in Cyprus and in Lebanon : posting each “segment” separately

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