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Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Escape to the Country
United States
Won't break the bank
Age range
55-64, 65 and above

in September 2020

I am looking at hiking the easy hikes in Sequoia NP and Kings Canyon - staying at the lodges inside the park is $200 per night, so I would stay at a inexpensive motel or hotel in Three Rivers. We don't have to do every hike together. I intend to get up early to be at the park before 8:30 to beat the traffic.  If I'm wrong and there isn't traffic, I don't mind adjusting that.  But I was at Zion before the pandemic and by 10:00 there was a 3-4 mile line of traffic waiting to get into the park - not my idea of time well spent!  I'm willing to be tested for the virus before the trip if we decide on this in time (test results are taking some time to come back I think.)  Timing can be sometime in August before Aug. 25th (I have jury duty after that) or in September, after September 8th.  Weather right now in Three Rivers is 90-100, but in Sequoia it's in the low 70's!  Would you like to help plan this?!  

Photo by Vitto Sommella on Unsplash

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