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Ireland June 2020

Adventure, Cultural, Escape to the Country, Festival & Events, Inspirational Travel, Self Improvment Travel
On a budget, Won't break the bank

Hiking, exploring countryside, oceans and historical places in Ireland for 2 weeks, June 2020

Hi ladies! I'm Alyssa and I'll be almost 27 when this trip happens, coming from Portland, Oregon, USA.

I am wanting to travel to Ireland in the last 2 weeks of June 2020. I'm thinking of flying into London, England and exploring there for a day or two, then grabbing a quick flight to Dublin, Ireland. I'll be staying in AirBNB's, but only for a night or 2 per one because I want to travel all of Ireland. I plan on hiking as many cool trails as I can, site-seeing castles and old churches, buildings, etc. because I love seeing historical places. I also want to see really cool viewpoints and nature scenes like the Cliffs of Moher. I'm not an avid, super fit hiker or anything so I will be a little slow, but I still want to get out and explore as much as I can. I'd also like to check out the towns, do a little shopping, drink at pubs, see night life, check out any local events or festivals, farmers markets, etc. I'm considering skydiving while there also. June 26-28th is my Clan's Annual Gathering, so I plan on being at that those days. When the trip gets closer and I actually start planning and booking stuff, I will see if there is time to visit London and maybe Scotland, but Ireland is my primary destination. 

If anyone is interested in meeting up while I'm there, traveling with me for some or all of the time I'm there, let me know! If you're already planning a trip like this, we could split AirBNB and car rentals.

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