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Facebook Live chat #6: Travel and perimenopause


For our sixth Facebook Live chat, travel blogger and hypnotherapist Alice Nettlingham joined us to help guide us through the ups and downs of travelling during and after the menopause.

If you missed it, catch up now on the Thelma & Louise Facebook Page.


About Alice

Alice is a British solo adventurer and hypnotherapist who specialises in helping menopausal women rapidly heal their intense physical and emotional symptoms to take back their amazing minds and bodies.

She’s also a successful travel blogger, Teacake Travels. Alice has traversed from London to Lahore and back, spreading the message of freedom over fear and encouraging women to face their fears, push their boundaries and reach their full potential. She’s appeared in the BBC, Nat Geo and Lonely Planet.

You can follow Alice’s Teacake Travels adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out her Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) work here.

We discussed how menopause can be a liberating and powerful time – “a truth serum, with rock salt in it,” is how Alice put it! We also chatted about how the menopause is perceived around the world. Did you know it’s referred to as a “second spring” in Japan?

Alice shared some of her top tips for travelling with the symptoms of menopause, and we talked about which countries would be good ‘medicine’ for certain menopausal symptoms.

We learned a lot, and we hope you did too.

Watch now on the Thelma & Louise Facebook Page.

As usual, we talked about the products and cultural snippets that are making life in lockdown bearable for us.

Cultural Escape: the books, movies and other audio-visual delights that are helping us through lockdown by transporting us elsewhere – without leaving our homes.

Product Review – Use now, travel with later: products to buy now and take on your travels when you can.

If you like the sound of all that, watch the chat now!


What are you reading and what products are currently helping you through isolation? Tell us in the comments below. We'd also love to hear your suggestions for themes for the coming weeks. What would you like us to talk about?

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