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Inspirational Women Travellers: The Travel Addict


1traveladdict’s Thelma & Louise name says it all. This lady loves to travel! And she doesn’t do it by halves.

1traveladdict lives in California – mostly… She’s visited almost 100 countries to date, and her work as a fashion designer and clothing company owner meant she has worked in 20 different countries, travelling from her base in India where she kept an apartment for 15 years. She’s most comfortable in Asia – 1traveladdict’s work has taken her to Kashmir, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia, China and Japan, as well as many other places – but she’s currently looking for travel buddies for a Portuguese road trip in April 2020.
Read on to find out more about 1traveladdict, and if you like what you read, check out her trip!
Of the many countries you’ve been to, which really made an impression on you?

Each country had different things to offer. When I was working, I was torn between enjoying what the country had to offer and how I could produce my products and the bottom-line.

I have always loved the more exotic destinations and recently visited Nepal and Sri Lanka again. I still find these countries the most interesting. Also when I was working I did spend more time in the factories then actually enjoying the different sites in each country. I love seeing animals and also trekking in jungles or visiting historical sites like Lumbini in Nepal.
Do you prefer to visit new places, or return to somewhere you’ve been before?

I love exploring new countries and seeing something new and different but I have my favorite countries to visit and do go there more often. I love Turkey, Thailand, Laos.

You say you enjoy taking art and cooking classes. Do you find these are good ways to find travel buddies?

The only classes I take while traveling are Spanish classes. I usually meet people in those classes, otherwise I am pretty outgoing and meet people wherever I go. 
What do you think makes you a great travel buddy?

I hope I’m considerate enough to ask my travel buddy what they would like to do on the trip and incorporate their needs and wants into my own. I am a good listener and also have a good sense of humor. I do see the positive in most things. I am very punctual and dependable and fair. I’m usually the first one ready to go and I don’t mind doing most of the work organizing the trip and I usually have more experience or have already been to that country.

“I am a good listener.”

What do you look for in a travel buddy?

Kind, thoughtful, considerate person with empathy would be the best travel friend who also has similar interests, time and money to fund trip.

Tell us about your Portugal trip.

I’ve been to Portugal 25 years ago. I thought it would be fun to explore again and possibly cross over and visit my friend who lives in Spain.
Your Portugal road trip sounds like it will be 5-6 weeks long, which is longer than most. What’s your travel style?

I take shorter ski trips - 10 days - but for a long air flight I usually stay approximately six to eight weeks. I usually like to keep a flexible itinerary. I do research and follow the recommendations from Lonely Planet. I prefer renting a car unless it’s in a country where I cannot read the signs such as Sri Lanka or India.

“I feel sometimes life is a journey that was meant to be.”

Do you have a favorite anecdote from your travels?
 I feel sometimes life is a journey that was meant to be. 
My favorite story was two years ago. I decided to travel to Sri Lanka and tour around the island. As I hadn’t been there in 20 years and it was Christmas and New Year it would be best to book hotels on the holidays. I arrived in Galle on New Year’s Day and the hotel informed me that a mistake was made with my reservation and I do not have a room for New Year’s Eve. I hadn’t made any plans for New Year’s even though I had communicated with other travelers around the island that morning but I was uncertain as to where I would be that evening. I went out in Galle and walked into one hotel then another to sort out where to stay. As I was standing in a shop, a friend of mine from Berlin (I had meet her five years earlier in a Spanish class in Playa del Carmen and we had toured Ecuador together but had not spoken in four years), well, she was standing in front of me in this shop. It was such a shock to run into someone in such a remote place.