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10 things to do in 2018!


Since we started 2018, everyone in Thelma & Louise Club has been on the GO! The site is buzzing with meetups, trips, challenges, last-minute escapes and even more trips.  It seems like everybody has set their goals for the year and we are all dead set on making them happen! What a great energy! I am loving this!

Want to travel more in 2018, but don’t know where to go? Here are 10 ideas to kick-start the discussion.
  1. Start the year with a spa trip or some winter sun. Charge those batteries and get a good boost with a Spa break in Menorca, winter sun in Mexico or Caribbean
  2. Set yourself a challenge: climb to Basecamp Everest, join Resina’s Camping cultural expedition in Mongolia or tour Ireland on a pony or a bicycle. It’s not easy, but think about the accomplishment!
  3. Do something meaningful and volunteer: Utha, USA, Ghana and India
  4. Take a long trip, move to another country or tour around for a month or more. Morocco, Backpack through Europe  or Spend a month in Sri Lanka and India
  5. Do something for the child within you.
  6. Make the most of what you have and be a tourist in your area. You could arrange a meet-up with other locals to see what new perspectives they might have to offer on the place you call home.
  7. Let yourself inspired by a book (or a movie) and travel to the places that kept you turning the pages. France is always a good place to start.
  8. Bond with nature and rediscover your balance. Try a gathering in the forest. Head to Nepal for some unforgettable peace and quiet. You will feel refreshed.
  9. Find your inner culture vulture on a trip with museums and art galleries at the fore.  You could go to New York and see the Michelangelo exhibition, Spain for the Guggenheim Bilbao or the UAE for the spectacular new Louvre in Abu Dhabi.
  10. Follow that crazy wish even if it’s higher than mountains. Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada anyone?
It’s important to find new places, meet new people, make new memories. Travel as much as you can and make the most of your short time on this remarkable planet we call home! And you don’t need to travel in five-star luxury- you can have the most amazing experiences even on the budget, trust us!
What are your plans for this year? Where are you heading to?