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Germany & Surrounds - Markets in Nov-Dec 2021 (Tentatively rescheduled)

Adventure, Culinary, Featured Destination, Festival & Events
Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia
Won't break the bank
Age range
25-34, 35-44

Planning on two-part trip first to Germany for two weeks in November (Tubigen’s Chocolate Festival! Aachen’s Gingerbread Festival!) and then a company-planned tour of Austria/Slovenia/Croatia/Hungary in December.

Update 12/06/2021

I have just been informed by my travel company that the Backroad Tour Markets Tour has been cancelled. Due to this and also the likelihood that international travel won't be available from Australia (without the two weeks self-isolation requirement) until next year, I have decided to postpone this trip. I will know probably by next month whether there will be a 2021 tour and will update then. I apologise to those that expressed interest in coming along. I was really looking forward to this and also meeting/travelling with you all.


Hi all. I am planning on two-part trip first to Germany and then a company-planned tour of Austria/Slovenia/Croatia/Hungary in November and December this year. I will be travelling around Germany for two weeks and then will join the 1-week tour afterwards. I’d love a travel buddy/ies for either or both parts.

I will start in Germany around November 21st to December 3rd. I am planning on staying in a different place for usually a minimum of three nights each and make day trips out if necessary. I mostly want to be in Tubigen during those last three days (30Nov-Dec3) so I can attend their Chocolate Festival. I’m also interested in the Gingerbread Festival (Aachen), but generally I am happy to travel to any other part of Germany during this trip.

In the second part, I am joining a Christmas Market tour between Austria and Hungary from December 4th to 10th. You can see the tour itinerary link below. I’m currently booked under the single occupancy, but if you’d like to share a room then it would be $2,949 each.

I am a non-smoker who likes walks, museums, music, adventures and especially food (any type).



Update 04/03/2022

Flights have now been booked. I am flying into Frankfurt on the morning of Saturday November 21st. I am still staying around Germany for the two weeks (definitely in Tugingen from Nov 30 - Dec 3). Then around December 3, I will somehow get to Vienna by either train/plane/bus. The BR Christmas Tour starts on December 4th and will finish lunchtime on December 10th in Budapest. I will leave Budapest on the morning of Saturday 12th December.

As I mentioned in the comments, I will start looking at accomodation/places/entertainment in May. Feel free to comment me in the meantime.


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