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Adventure, Beach, Cultural, Festival & Events, Nightlife, Self Improvment Travel
On a budget, Won't break the bank
Age range
35-44, 45-54, 55-64

Boracay, El Nido and Bohol (chocolate hills and adorable Tarsiers) for Christmas and New Year

Ok so this has gone from the idea stage, to a planning stage.  I am putting together ideas and plans for Christmas and New Year in the Philippines.

I know it's quite early but I find that a lot of people will post that they are interested in a particular trip but then never take it any further. Plus the earlier you book, the better the cost, and the more choice and availability there is.

I am looking for genuine, interested, reliable, fun people to travel with. Having now done two holidays solo, it would be nice to have company, but that doesn't mean you have to be joined at the hip. It's just nice to have someone to talk to, and have dinner/drinks with in the evening.

I am usually a beach bum by day, occasionally doing a boat trip here, wandering about the locality, getting lost, seeking adventure and then out in the evening, trying the local fare, mingling with the locals, seeing the sights and enjoying the atmosphere of somewhere new.

Ideally I would like to island hop, seeing maybe 2 or 3 different islands, depending on cost and ease of travel etc.

If there is anyone who is serious about travelling and making plans, please get in touch. If you are not serious please don't waste anyone's time.

Thanks in advance.

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