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Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru, Amazon River

Won't break the bank

2 countries, an ocean, a river, ancient ruins, a cooking class, and anything else that catches our interest!

I'm planning on flying into Quito , Ecuador April 22nd, 2020 where another T&L member will be joining me. We are are going to explore the area a few days and then head to the Galapagos Islands on the 27th. We haven't decided whether to take a cruise or just daily tours but we want to stay 4 - 5 days, before flying on to Lima, Peru where we join a tour with "exploreworldwide.com". It's 14 days starting 2 May 2020. The "Clasic Peru" tour, (trip code PS) to Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, & Machu Picchu. This is a "small group" tour with lots of time for self-exploration and other options like white water rafting, etc. ($2,530)

We've booked the 4 day "Amazon extention", ($530) which starts the day the 1st tour ends, 15 May, where we stay at an ecco lodge, experience a canopy walk, jungle trails and float on the Amazon.

At the end of all this we are flying back to Lima where we plan to hang out and explore for a few more days...4? 5? I fly Space-A into & out of major airports, so it depends on when I can get a flight out. Tamara will have definite flight reservations.

If you are interested in joing us (or just have questions), at the start in Ecuador or the Galapagos; at the end in Lima; 1 tour, both tours, part or all of this adventure please contact me, Holly at: hjferde@aol.com or Tamara at: tamaradeal@gmail.com

Tamara likes to scuba/snorkel and I like hiking/long distance walking. We're both interested in local culture, cooking classes, museums, etc and are open to other ideas & experiences. Join us!

Image by Tim Ellis on flickr

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