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About Thelma & Louise

“Our purpose is to be the best online community and travel resource designed to help women share experiences, be inspired and connect with friends and travel buddies both online and in the real world.”

We decided to create the Thelma & Louise travel community in 2006 because we believe passionately in the life-enriching value of travel and friendship. In our own lives, we have derived much happiness and fulfilment from various travel experiences – some profound like sailing the high seas of the Atlantic at the helm of a 68 foot yacht; some enlightening as we have experienced the golden sunsets at Ayers Rock in Australia; or some more sedate (and more cosy!) enjoying high tea with close friends at the Ritz in London – and so have many of our 1000s of members that have used the Thelma & Louise site to connect and travel with friends.


We are different to most other travel sites in that we are not an online travel agency trying to sell you travel packages or resources. On the contrary, our approach has been to establish an online and real-world community for our members.

We are inclusive and open to all. We are a community for all women, no matter what age, interests, travel experience, online knowledge, personal goals or life situation. If past experience is anything to go by, members who are looking for travel buddies become friends quickly and those here with existing friends still have lots of fun planning trips and making use of the travel resources available  – in fact, no matter how you use the site as individuals – we want the community  to be fun, enjoyable and valuable to all our members.

 We actively seek to empower women. Thelma & Louise is a travel-orientated social community designed to encourage and enable women to achieve their travel aspirations. We believe that women should not be held back from visiting their dream destinations or enjoying a travel experience because they are reluctant to go alone or cannot find the travel information and resources they need to make these journeys happen.

 Our members help and support each other. We have 1000s of members who actively help, share and communicate with each other. Our members write travel guides, share personal experiences and coordinate activities. We simply provide the capability and resources to allow members to get in touch with each other and plan with some useful online tools. Thelma & Louise itself looks to support an active and engaged community and to give something back for the efforts you and all of our members put into the site.

 Our tools and resources are easy to use. We have worked hard to provide a range of tools and resources that we think you will like and that are quick and easy to use. We will continue to put effort into making sure the design, layout and features are a pleasure to use so that we all enjoy spending time on the site ... after all, the success of Thelma & Louise is not dependant on a few users but the collective involvement of us all.  

 Our website brings together online social networking, the advantages of online travel information and the power of a niche community. From online hotel and flight price comparison, travel discussion and review sites, to the ever growing popularity of social networks, we want to take some of the best parts of all these sites and bring them together to support the Thelma & Louise ethos ... and create a secure and compelling niche community for women.


Thelma & Louise is a place where women, friendship and travel come together. Our website connects and provides the tools for women to safely talk, plan, meet, inspire and share their travel and life experiences. Our community is a safe environment in which women can enrich their lives through travel and friendship. Once you have registered you’ll be able to fully utilise Thelma & Louise to get old friends together, make new friends, swap ideas and experiences, find like-minded travel companions and, most importantly, enjoy, discover and have fun! 

Our members are a sociable, friendly and adventurous bunch. We’ve had members “trucking” through the US together, pairing up to follow China’s legendary Silk Road and even driving across the Sahara – all after meeting through Thelma & Louise.

Of course, Thelma & Louise is not just about “big” adventures. Many of our members simply use our website to arrange get-togethers in their local cities, towns and villages ... or to simply read interesting travel stories. Thelma & Louise can help you discover, plan and share outings, weekends away, evenings out, house-swaps, wine tastings, a walk in the country - whatever you fancy!







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