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What’s it all about?

This is where you share your own travel stories, adventures, advice and inspiration with other members ... plus discover ideas, useful insights and interesting travel guides for yourself.

  • Travel guides produced by Thelma and Louise members
  • Clever search so you can find the right guide (type anything ... wine tasting, spa break in Thailand, air boarding, Cruise ... and then filter)
  • Found a guide that hits all the right spots? ... now look at a hotel the author recommends ... now check how much it costs using our price comparison partner
  • Add your own guide and have the chance of winning a prize if other members rate it highly
  • Discover new travel ideas and best of all, a guide to help you plan it

We have only just launched this feature and so please join us and share your travel stories ... we hope this develops into a fantastic travel resource to help you research and plan your trips.