Middle Chine Manor, Bournemouth, May 2013

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Sheila Sewell
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Hi Ladies
Just a reminder re: our week on the coast next May, 17th - 24th. I will need to know by about mid-December who is staying for the full week & which nights the rest of you will be there. I have several ladies on a reserve list & would like to fill up spaces where I can. Our paymeny balance is due by Feb. 17th at the latest.
If you know your diary plans already & can confirm stay dates now, that would be great; if not, by Dec 15th would be good. Half-term is the week after our stay.
Many thanks.
Advance Notice re: entertainment: May 17th 7.30pm Leona Lewis at the BIC
May 18th/19th Eddie Izzard will be on at the BIC
May 21st An evening with Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) at the BIC
May 18th Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra -120th Birthday Gala at the Pavilion

Happy travels - & I will get back to you all soon!
Sheila xx