What is Thelma & Louise?Thelma & Louise is an online community and travel resource designed to help women share travel experiences and expertise, be inspired, connect with friends and find new travel buddies both online and in the real world.


  1. How much does it cost to be a member? Absolutely nothing. All the current features, including the forum, member travel guides and trip ideas are all free.

  2. How do I register? Simply click the Join Now link on the homepage or click register in the top right corner (next to the login link). You will be sent a confirmation and verification email once you have completed the registration details ... it all takes just a few minutes.


  1. How do I log in? Please click on the 'LOGIN' button on the top right corner and insert your 'Username' and 'Password'.

  2. I've forgotten my password. You need to click on the 'Login' button on the top right of the home page and then click on 'Request a new password'. This will be emailed to you.

  3. How do I change my password? To change your current password, login and click on the Edit account tab. Insert the new password in both fields 'Password' and 'Confirm password' and the new password will be activated straight away.


The new Travel Guide feature is a space where members can share experiences, contribute their knowledge about their past travel experiences and find interesting travel guides other members have written.

  1. How do I ADD a Travel Guide? To ADD a new travel guide, either go to the TRAVEL GUIDES page and click on the 'Add a travel guide' button on the right hand side of the page or use the create travel guide link that appears in the left hand side of your profile page. If you have already written your travel guide in a Word document you can easily copy and paste it into the ‘Body’ field.

  2. Why are there only a few travel guides? This is a new feature on the website and will take us all to build it up. Why not create a guide of your own to help build this great resource.

  3. Can I save a DRAFT Travel Guide and come back to it later? Yes. To SAVE a travel guide as a draft and come back to it before you publish it, do not tick the 'Publish' box at the bottom of the 'Add a travel guide' page. Your draft document will be saved in the 'Travel guides' section in 'Your profile'.

  4. How do I PUBLISH my Travel Guide? To PUBLISH a travel guide, just tick the 'Publish' box and your travel guide will become available for members to read it and quote it.


  1. What are Trip ideas? The new Trip Ideas feature is a space for members to share ideas about potential trips they would like to go on. This is a great way to find potential travel buddies whom share similar interests and travel aspirations. This may be a  location and type of holiday or a more specific idea you have come across such as Wine Tasting in the South of France. We will soon we will have official Thelma and Louise travel partner trips provided by a selection of travel/tour providers.
  2. How do I search using multiple fields? Press the 'Ctrl' button on your keyboard and click on all the 'Holiday types' or 'Age Groups’ that apply to your travel guide or trip idea.

  3. How do I ADD a Trip Idea? To ADD a new trip idea, go to the Trip Idea feature, click on 'Add a trip idea' and feel free to post your idea and organise your next journey.

  4. How do I JOIN a trip? After you open the trip idea that you are interested in, simply click ‘Join’ on the right hand side of the trip idea page. After you confirm you want to participate to this trip, you will be added to the ‘Confirmed companions list’. This trip will be added as well to ‘My trips’ list.

  5. How do I add and reply to a comment? To add a comment just insert your comment in the ‘Add comment’ field. To reply to a comment click ‘Reply’ on the comment that you want to reply to.


  1. How do I create a profile? Your profile is stored in 'Your profile' under 'User Profile'. Here you will be able to add or change your settings and preferences. The more information you add, the easier it is to connect with friends and travel buddies. Please note that your profile has more than one page (About you, Trip preferences). Please click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page to complete the rest of your profile. You can update your profile anytime you want and it is easier and more fun then it sounds!

  2. Why is it important to complete your profile? Members cannot be listed in the Member's section if they have not completed their profile, because they cannot be identified by the system. For the same reason, Trip ideas and Events added by members that have not completed their profile cannot be displayed in the Trip ideas and Events list. Completing your profile only takes a few minutes and will enable members to find you using Member Search and get in touch with you.

  3. Privacy. Your full profile will only be available to your group of friends on the site.


  1. How to ADD an EVENT? To add a new event go to the 'Events' page (using the top level navigation) and click on 'Add an event' and create the content.

  2. How do I FIND an EVENT in my area on a specific date? Go to 'Events' and click on the date in the Calendar.

  3. Where can I find out about members' meetings in my area? You can search by event type "get together" in your location using the search fields. Alternatively, simply browse the event list and see if an event is part of a member get together. 


What do I use the Forum for? Feel free to try out the Forum and discuss any subject you wish, whether is about destinations, family, your life, your interests, your hobbies; Anything is permitted so long as it meets the terms and conditions of thelmandlouise.com.

The new Forum has:

  • Travel chat - where you can have a chat about travel issues (hotels, restaurants, places to visit, etc), ask questions and find suggestions from other travellers.
  • Ask Ana - here you can send us your suggestions, your feedback or ask questions. You ask, we answer.
  • There will be Forum discussions that we would like to transform into Discussion of the week for all the members to participate and connect with each other.

Key changes from the old site:

We have created dedicated spaces for you to post 'Trip ideas' and group meetings under 'Events'. All new trip ideas and meetups that you have created before in the forum under 'Travel Companions & Travel Discussion' and 'T&L Member Group Meetings', now belong in the separate TRIP IDEAS and EVENTS and not in the forum.

You will find your old posts in the Forum, but after 3 months we will close these topics and kindly ask you to use the new format. We hope this will make everything easier to organise and find ;-)


  • All events, forum posts and travel guides are public.
  • Travel ideas can be made private or public.
  • Non friends can only see a limited profile and your email address is not shown anywhere.
  1. How do I remove or unpublish my Event or Travel Guide? You can remove your post by opening it and clicking on the ‘Unpublish’ tab above the post’s title. If you would like to remove your post from the public view, but save it as a draft, you will need to edit the post and deselect the ‘Published’ box, then click the ‘Save’ tab. You will find your post in ‘Your profile’ under ‘Travel guides’ as one of ‘Your draft travel guides’.
  2. How do I manage privacy for my Trip Ideas? When you add a Trip Idea, you can choose the level of privacy you require from the following three options: 
  • Open - any member can join your Trip Idea without your approval. 
  • Moderated - membership requests must be approved by you.
  • Invite only - membership must be created by you.
  • Closed - membership is exclusively managed by you and members will not be able to join or leave. You may want to make your Trip Idea closed if you have found enough travel buddies and don't want anyone else to be part of your trip. 


  1. What are DK Eyewitness Travel Guides? Professional travel guides covering 50 Cities and 50 Countries. That's 100 guides in total. Established in 1974, DK publishes bestselling, award-winning and visually stunning reference books. The DK Eyewitness Travel Guides are the ultimate travel guides that show you what others only tell you, with detailed illustrations and more photographs and maps than any other guides. Thelma and Louise have partnered with DK to offer our members unique online content to help you discover new places to travel and find out valuable destination information. Some of our DK content is unique and cannot be found anywhere else online.