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Christmas on a warm beach in Mexico

Won't break the bank
Age range
55-64, 65 and above


Sand from Santa! Offering a great beach, lovely resort, view condo plus a 600 year old city to explore. The large unit has a bedroom with two beds and a Murphy in the living room. Full kitchen, generous balcony. Seeking one or two travel mates. Cost for lodging $800 for a 2nd person, less if we are three. I love the resort - this is the highest demand season so getting the reservation is a score. Tennis, pool, restaurant, activities, and easy bus access to "town". I am frugal, so meals "in" are frequent.The children of the resort employees perform a Posada, a reenactment of the first Christmas (it is a Catholic country) and Santa does arrive for the children of guests. We can enjoy lunches at other beaches, a roof top sunset in town, a huge market, a terrific old fashioned square with outdoor bistros and colonial architecture, and an open air Mexican restaurant overlooking surfers with a view better than any in Hawaii. PM for photos and more info.

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